famosos latinos sin camisaWho doesn't appreciate Latino hunks showing off their abs? It's one of the real pleasures in life and some of our papacitos work out so hard at the gym that they make a point of showing us the results. Here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!

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Images via Gabriel CoronelAaron Díaz, Jesús "El Chino" Miranda/Instagram

Jesús "El Chino" Miranda 1


Image via Jesús "El Chino" Miranda/Instagram

The singer, part of the musical duo Chino y Nacho, works really hard at the gym every day to have those huge muscles. Maybe that's why he never misses an opportunity to take off his shirt and post pictures on Snapchat.


Ricky Martin 2

Ricky Martin

Image via Jwan Yosef/Instagram

The Puerto Rican star has us used to the eye candy that are his muscles. Now he also includes pics of his chiseled boyfriend, Swedish-Syrian artist Jwan Josef.


Julián Gil 3

Julián Gil

Image via Julian Gil/Instagram

This Puerto Rican-Argentinian trains regularly and has been gifting us for years with hot pictures in his calendar. However, in the last few months he's been making more of an effort because he's working out for a movie. Gil says he's working on looking fitter. I can't even imagine.

Gabriel Coronel 4

Gabriel Coronel

Image via Gabriel Coronel/Instagram

This Venezuelan actor doesn't let himself go and often posts sexy pictures to indulge his fans.


Mario López 5

Mario López

Image via Mario López/Instagram

The actor and host of Entertainment Tonight loves boxing--and you can tell. I bet he trains every day.


Aaron Díaz 6

Aaron Díaz

Image via Aaron Díaz/Instagram

Luckily, the handsome Mexican doesn't only send sexy pics to his wife Lola Flores. Look at him shirtless watching the sunset.


Carlos Ponce 7

Carlos Ponce

Image via Carlos Ponce/Instagram

The main character of Silvana sin lana keeps himself handsome on his own terms. And although he's funnier than we thought, there's no doubt that he tightened his abs to gift us this picture on Independence Day 2016.

Fabian Ríos 8

Fabian Ríos

Image via Fabian Ríos/Instagram

It's been eight years since he played Albeiro in Sin senos no hay paraíso. Now he's coming back in the sequel to the telenovela and looks more handsome than ever.


Gabriel Soto 9

Gabriel Soto

Image via Gabriel Soto/Instagram

His love for extreme sports and boxing has given the protagonist of Vino el amor enviable muscles--and we thank him for showing them to us.

Jencarlos Canela 10

Jencarlos Canela

Image via Jencarlos Canela/Instagram

The Cuban-American singer and actor started making an effort look better last year and has obviously succeeded. I mean look at him.