WATCH: Gerald Piqué secretly films Shakira taking a selfie & it's hilarious

Shakira posted the funniest video on Instagram--one that any girl who has ever taken a selfie can relate to. In an attempt to take a selfie, Shaki is seen standing in front of Gerald Piqué's parked car holding up her phone with her hair blowing in the wind. He's in his car recording the entire thing and his response is hysterical. 


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"Mi pelo es muy rock," he says imitating Shakira has she flips her hair over in front of her camera phone, adding that he's been in the car for 30 minutes while she's been trying to take a selfie. She looks back at him laughing then comes up to the car's passenger window saying: "Estás burlando de mí?"

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Piqué was totally making fun of her! But we've all been there, right? We've all had that really awkward moment where we got caught in the middle of trying to take a selfie, only to find our friend or our guy laughing at us. Listen, as someone who doesn't really like to take selfies (because I totally suck at it), I totally feel Shakira's pain. Part of the reason why I don't take selfies is because it takes me like 30 shots before I finally find one I actually like and feel comfortable posting. Clearly, even hot stars like Shakira go through the same thing.

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