Lupillo Rivera almost kidnapped: Everything we know about the terrifying attempted abduction

Lupillo riveraLupillo Rivera and his team went through a horrible experience in México after a concert at Feria de Petlalcingo in Puebla, when three armed men attacked the SUV as they headed to Mexico City.


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"They wanted to f*ck me. ¿What's going on? Some armed guys wanted to pick me up. I escaped but they took my driver and my assistant," said a very upset Lupillo Rivera after the incident, when he managed to go back to the concert venue.

According to the Mexican media, this happened at about 3.00 am and Rivera took cover in the dressing room of Mexican band Los Recoditos. It must have been terrifying.

The singer's men were released a few hours later and the police has a man in custody. Puebla's Attorney General informed it had been a robbery attempt gone bad. Allegedly, the gang was after Rivera's income from the show.

Rivera posted this photo of his team hours before the event. I can only imagine how their faces looked afterwards. ¡Cuídense!

Lupillo rivera and his team

Images via Lupillo Rivera/Facebook

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