Jennifer Lopez reveals sad truth about her split from Marc Anthony (VIDEO)

jlo and marc anthonyJennifer Lopez has had many loves, but she admits her split from Marc Anthony stung more than the rest. The "Dance Again" singer dished about her high-profile romances during an in-depth interview for People and Entertainment Weekly. She chatted what the realization of their imminent divorce was like and shared some surprising emotions. 


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In her sit-down with reporter Jess Cagle, J.Lo talked about her relationships with Ben Affleck, Sean Combs and Marc Anthony. She reflected on her Bennifer days and how much pressure it placed on their love. There's no doubt that the tabloids were too involved in that courtship! She also revealed that her relationship with P. Diddy taught her what she didn't want in a partner. Now that's being pretty honest! 

Lopez didn't stop there. She shared her sincere feelings about her split from Anthony and said, "I think both Marc and I thought at the time we would be together for the next 40 years until we die." J.Lo opened up about the dynamic of their marriage and revealed that they clashed when it came to their music careers. "It was like two different worlds," she said. 

J.Lo admitted that she lost her identity. Her story is way more relatable than I ever expected. So many women put their all in marriages and lose their way in the process. Once she realized that her 7-year marriage was taking a different turn, she described it as "the biggest disappointment" of her life. No matter what, she was strong enough to walk away, move on and came out a winner. 

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