Kate del Castillo shares photo with parents & reveals her emotional state

kate del castilloKate del Castillo has kept a low profile since her ties to Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman were made public. The Mexican actress has received plenty of support from the drug lord, who says he's willing to testify on her behalf. The 43-year-old star also has unconditional love from her parents. She recently shared a photo that reveals much more about her current emotional state. 


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Blessed. #mom #dad Bendecida #familia ❤️

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The telenovela actress shared this photo with her parents, Kate and Eric, and included the caption, "Blessed." According to Univision, her parents never knew about their daugher's relationship with El Chapo before the controversy blew up earlier this year. I'm sure that's a difficult subject to bring up over lunch with your familia. Can you imagine her telling them, "Oh, by the way, I met with El Chapo today and I think he has a crush on me"?! No way.

Her dad Eric revealed to reporters, "Our daughter kept us in the dark for our own safety. What else do you want me to tell you?" That's a totally plausible explanation. Even if her parents did know about the controversy, it suits them to play clueless about the entire situation.

We all know family sticks together no matter what and that's exactly what the del Castillos are doing. She is blessed to have a family support system--especially as she continues to navigate through these difficult times.  

Images via Splash, Kate del Castillo/Instagram

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