Khloé Kardashian and James Harden 1

Khloé Kardashian and James Harden

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In the latest episode of Kocktails with Khloé, the youngest of the Kardashians explained that she proposed him to have an open relationship, given the distance (he lives in Houston) and all the drama in her life (Lamar Odom's illness), however he refused and then he cheated. Whaaaat? Khloé said: "I have the receipts to prove it."


She hasn't given up on love with Lamar Odom 2

She hasn't given up on love with Lamar Odom

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"I mean, that would be, like, the best dream ... like, OK, I hope that first marriage could happen again. But it's really hard to erase everything that happened. Just building a friendship back is what I'm doing now. It has nothing intimate, nothing at all, just pure love," she said on Kocktails With Khloé about her estranged husband Lamar Odom. I really don't know what she is thinking. We're talking about a man who overdosed in a brothel in Nevada? Hello!!!!


Kim Kardashian 3

Kim Kardashian

Unfortunately, no Kardashian or Jenner has been free of cheating scandals. Kim Kardashian has been acussed of cheating on her ex Reggie Bush with her now husband Kanye West. Bush's cheating was allegedly the reason why they broke up in 2010.

Kourtney Kardashian 4

Kourtney Kardashian

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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have broken up and gotten back together so many times, that I lost count. Some of the separations have been due to cheating accusations, including the last one.


Kendall Jenner 5

Kendall Jenner

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Kendall spent the New Year's break with One Direction's Harry Styles in a yacht on the Caribbean, only to come back to dry land and see photos of stylist Pandora Lennard leaving his house after spending the night.


Kylie Jenner 6

Kylie Jenner

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The youngest of the sisters is only 18, but she has also shared a good portion of heartache with boyfriend Tyga. There have been many rumorus of cheating, including the latest one with a Brazilian model.


Eva Longoria 7

Eva Longoria

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NBA player Tony Parker broke Eva Longoria's heart in 2010, after a three-year marriage, when she found his sexts to the wife of a teammate.

Jacqueline Bracamontes 8

Jacqueline Bracamontes

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Nuestra Belleza Latina's only female judge dealt with a cheating scandal of her own in 2015, when a gossip magazine published photos of husband Martín Fuentes apparently kissing another woman. Bracamontes chose to ignore it and hasn't really talked about it.



Elizabeth Avellán, Robert Rodríguez's wife 9

Elizabeth Avellán, Robert Rodríguez's wife

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Movie producer Elizabeth Avellán had been married to director Robert Rodríguez for 16 years and had five kids with him, when he started an affair with actress Rose McGowan in 2007. The power couple divorced and the illicit love cooled off.

Jennifer López 10

Jennifer López

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The famous "Bennifer" broke up in 2004 in the middle of a cheating scandal, when strippers revealed to the National Enquirer details of their night with the Batman actor.


Elizabeth Gutiérrez 11

Elizabeth Gutiérrez

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Elizabeth Gutiérrez and William Levy have broken up officially three times, always due to cheating allegations.

Ninel Conde 12

Ninel Conde

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Ninel Conde admitted she was heartbroken in 2006 after she left José Manuel Figueroa after numerous infidelities and rumors of domestic violence.


Ximena Duque 13

Ximena Duque

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The Latina star of Days of Our Lives Ximena Duque broke up with Carlos Ponce in 2012, amid rumors that he was cheating with his Dos hogares co-star, Anahí. The couple mended fences and were together again for two years, before breaking up again in February of 2016.

Mario López's first wife 14

Mario López's first wife

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"I got inebriated and a little too friendly with a young lady. When it was time to return home, lightning hit me with the truth: I wasn't in love. But I walked down the aisle [anyway]," wrote Mario López in his book Just Between Us, when talking about his cheating and marriage to model Ali Landry in 2004.


Christina Milian 15

Christina Milian

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Milian divorced The Dream in 2010, after he was seen on vacation with his assistant, Melissa Santiago. Sadly, she went on to give her heart to rapper Lil Wayne and according to her: “I’ve never loved anyone the way that I love him. I’ve never had anyone understand me the way that he has.”

Ana de la Reguera 16

Ana de la Reguera

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HBO and Jane the Virgin actress Ana de la Reguera had a five year relationship with Univision star journalist Jorge Ramos until december of 2010, when he was unfaithful (according to herself).