Kate del Castillo resurfaces in first encounter with press: SEE the video!

kate del castilloKate del Castillo has been trying to keep a low profile since the controversy over her connection with Mexican drug lord El Chapo dominated the web earlier this month. TMZ cameras recently spotted the telenovela star heading to the infamous El Coyote restaurant in Los Angeles. She had some interesting words for Sean Penn, but what was most perplexing of all was what she didn't say. 


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In the clip, Castillo is arriving to the Mexican restaurant with her friend, television reporter, Jillian Barberie. Clearly, this woman has her back and has no problem with being the star's stand-in PR person. When asked if Barberie has been a good support system, Castillo simply replied, "Yes." It definitely shows as the video progresses. 

Things start to get tense when she's asked, "Do you agree that Sean Penn's article was a failure?" Barberie tries to diverge from the subject by saying, "I'm starving," but Castillo has a sharper response. "You know, I don't want to talk about him." Ouch! Who can blame her? The reason she's caught in this money laundering scandal is because of the actor's candid Rolling Stone piece. 

Interestingly enough, Castillo stays very quiet for the duration of the paparazzi interview. She was asked if she'll visit Mexico soon, which her friend answered by making references to the beach and margaritas. Castillo was subpoenaed and is expected to face Mexican authorities soon. Sadly, I doubt she'll have much time to work on her tan. 

Image via Mezcalent

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