Go see the Tuskegee Airmen film 'Red Tails' this weekend, please!

George Lucas' big budget film about the Tuskegee Airmen, titled Red Tails, comes out this weekend and we should all go and watch it! Why, you might be asking? Well, because even though we are well into the 21st century, it's pathetically true that even a big-time filmmaker like Lucas had a hard time getting a film starring an all-Black cast made.

Quite frankly, in this day and age, I find that incredibly infuriating, but in defense of the studios--who Lucas has been trying to get to fund this movie since the 1980s--it's kind of our own fault. Many times, films starring all Black or all Latino casts just don't rake in the dough at the box office. I am not really sure why, considering Hispanics are some of the most enthusiastic moviegoers, I mean, we're one of the few demographics that actually go to see films more than once...in theaters!


I think it's time that we put our money where our mouth is and support this film comprised entirely of a cast of (side note: super hot!) men of color. We even have Tristan Wilds to support, the adorable Dominican actor who plays Ray "Ray Gun" Gannon and who you probably remember from his role in the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire (or 90210, if you'll cop to watching it).

Even movies starring superstars like Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have failed to make a mark in the theaters (did you go see El Cantante? Yeah, didn't think so). The thing is, we can't keep complaining about never seeing ourselves on the big screen unless we start to prove to the studio execs that we actually want to see ourselves on the big screen! So, instead of complaining, head out and support this film this weekend...and support the other films that Latino and Black actors star in, produce and direct in the future too.

 Image via YouTube