EL chapo and kateThe texts between Kate del Castillo and the world's most wanted criminal, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán were, in one word, inexplicable. And flirty in a gross, veiled way. The exchange, published by newspaper Milenio, covers the planning for the meeting between the telenovela actress, Sean Penn and the drug lord. I'm sure some of them could be used to build at least an obstruction of justice case, but what got to me was the tone ... I just hope Kate was not seriously flirting!

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Image via Mezcalent, Policía de México

A little context 1

A little context

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Kate del Castillo caught El Chapo's attention when she published a long letter in her Twitter account criticizing the Mexican government and saying that as things stood, she trusted more El Chapo than the President and dedicated this two paragraphs to him. According to what Sean Penn wrote in Rolling Stone, a lawyer from El Chapo's team contacted her soon after. They were in talks to develop a Hollywood movie about his life, also she facilitated the meeting between the actor and the drug dealer. Some of the exchanges between them can be read ahead.


Planning their reunion 2

Planning their reunion

Image via Milenio

El Chapo: Amiga, so if your bring the wine, I will also drink from yours, since I like tequila and Buchannans, but I t you will drink the tequila that you are bringing [it turned out to be the brand Kate del Castillo owns] and champagne. Let me tell you that I'm not a drinker, but your presence is going to be something beautiful. I really want to meet you. You are the best thing in the world. We will be very good friends. You figure out when you can come back [Kate was in Mexico at that time, but she lives in L.A.]. I hope it's soon, we hope everything can be ready in a week. I will have everything perfect so you won't have even a teeny problem. I would feel awful. Be sure that you will be comfortable. I'll care for you better than I protect my own eyes.
Kate: It moves me so much that you say that you take care of me, nobody has ever taken care of me. Thank you! I have next weekend free.

I dream to see your eyes 3

I dream to see your eyes

Texts between Kate del Castillo and El CHapo 

Image via Milenio

Kate: You don't know how excited I feel. Thanks to you I'm going to meet you. Thank you for your trust. I've been trying to put together an important team, with real people, respected in Hollywood. I want you to listen to them...But, beside our project, I dream with seeing your eyes, in person. THANK YOU. The most important thing to me is that you are comfortable, without any commitment, and that, after our meeting, you tell me what you really think. I guess I will get instructions about where to go and all the details.

Chapo: Friend, you will go to Sinaloa. Rest assured that everything is fine. I wouldn't invite you otherwise. I will take care of you, you will see it yourself. When you come I will have to drink tequila with you. As I told you I'm not a heavy drinker, but I will drink with you just for the pleasure of your company. Thank you for being such a fine person. You are so beautiful, friend, in every possible way.

Protected 4


Image via Milenio

Kate: I must confess that I feel protected for the first time in my life. You will know my history when we have time to talk, but for some reason I'm convinced that you know who I really am, not the actress or the public person, but the woman, the human being. I will bring my tequila to share it with you, because it's a dream that it's time to make it true. and thanks to you. We will see each other soon. Blessings.


Flirting 5


Image via Milenio

El Chapo: Good morning amiga, I'm sorry, I was asleep. Have a good trip from the bottom of my heart. We are talking. I love you.

Kate: Very tired, but I'm here working ... How are you?

El Chapo: Very well amiga, so you couldn't rest. Rest.

Kate: I would love to but I have to eat ... and I don't sleep a lot since I saw you. I'm very excited with our story ... It's true, it's the only thing I think about.

El Chapo: Let me tell you that I'm more excited about you, than about our story, amiga.

Kate: Ha ha. I love to hear that.


The smartest woman in the world 6

The smartest woman in the world

Image via Milenio

El Chapo: Good afternoon, how is the best woman in the world, the smartest, and the one that I admire very much? Here is the phone number of the lawyer so you can talk to him and tell him to whom deliver the memory with the photos, friend. Here is the number...."

Kate: Thank you!!! Hello beautiful friend, I'll call him. It's going to be a U.S. number. I'll call him today! Take good care of yourself and thank you.


I love my friend 7

I love my friend

Image via Milenio

El Chapo: Thank you, amiga, for your good wishes. Be well, your friend who loves you. Bye.

Kate: I love my friend, bye.

See each other 8

See each other

Image via Milenio

El Chapo: Friend, we have to see each other. Everything will be fine, if I wasn't sure I would not invite you. I want you to invite people in my ranch. Let me tell you that my mom wants to meet you. I told her about you. Don't be discouraged, nothing is going on. Everything will be 100%.


A bug in the phone 9

A bug in the phone

Image via Milenio

Kate: My companion [Sean Penn] told me that they have me very bugged and they [the police] hope that I take them to you. We both want to see you and acomplish the mission you gave me, but I can't risk you know, it's too dangerous.

After the meeting 10

After the meeting

Image via Kate del Castillo/Instagram

Here's how Penn describes the now infamous meeting between Kate del Castillo and Guzmán (which we had originally reported as a project between the two actors. What a project!):

He opens Kate's door and greets her like a daughter returning from college. It seems important to him to express the warm affection in person that, until now, he'd only had occasion to communicate from afar. After greeting her, he turns to me with a hospitable smile, putting out his outstretched hand. I take it. He pulls me into a "compadre" hug, looks me in the eyes and speaks a lengthy greeting in Spanish too fast for my ears.

Then, according to Penn Kate went to sleep and he saw her the next morning. The whole thing seems bizarre.


In El Chapo's lair 11

According to Mexican journalist Carlos Loret Mola, Mexican authorities revealed after Guzmán's capture on January 8, 2016, the police discovered in the Chapo's house: Viagra, testosterone, and four DVDs of the telenovela La Reina del Sur, starring Kate del Castillo. You can draw your won conclusions. I just have one word: Ick!