bill cosbyIt seems to be reckoning time for Bill Cosby. A warrant for his arrest has been issued in Pennsylvania for the alleged rape of then college student Andrea Constand. The news was given by Montgomery County District Attorney-Elect, Kevin Steele, who said the rest of the accusations are being investigated, too.

Bill Cosby 1

Bill Cosby

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In 2015, Bill Cosby went from being one of America's most beloved figures to one of the most hated ones, after dozens of women accused him of sexual assault. There was even especulation that Sofía Vergara could have been one of this victims. One of the women that came out to denounce him was Canadian Andrea Constant, who was a college student when it allegedly happened, in 2004.


The arrest warrant issued on Dec 20, 2015 2

The arrest warrant issued on Dec 20, 2015

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Montgomery County District Attorney-Elect Kevin Steele announced that Cosby's arrest warrant had been issued, for the alleged rape of Constand in 2004, in his home located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. The woman sued Cosby in a civil case in 2005. During a deposition then, the comedian admitted to have given women a sedative to have sex with them.


The arrest 3

The arrest

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The Montgomery County’s district attorney-elect, added that Cosby faces a felony charge of aggravated indecent assault. He added that they are investigating the rest of the accusations. The comedian could be arrested right away.

Jessica Alba's sunscreen letdown 4

Jessica Alba's sunscreen letdown

Image via Honest company

Jessica Alba's company, Honest, was seriously criticized in August 2015 by angry custumers who claimed that the natural SPF 30 sunscreen caused them, or their children, pretty painful sunburns.


The Fashion Police collapse 5

The Fashion Police collapse

Image via E!

E!'s popular show Fashion Police imploded after Guliiana Rancic made what Kelly Osborne thought it a very inappropiate comment ahout Disney Star Zendaya´s hair at the Oscars. 


Ninel Conde sends ex hubby to jail 6

Ninel Conde sends ex hubby to jail

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Mexico's bombshell, Ninel Conde, sent her ex husband, Juan Zepeda, to jail in February 2015, whom she accused to have stolen thousands of dollars from her. The businessman spent seven months behind bars and only recovered his freedom after they reached an agreement out of court.


Univision fires Rodner Figueroa 7

Univision fires Rodner Figueroa

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In March 2015, Univision garnered attention for its decision to fire host Rodner Figueroa, after the journalist allegedly compared First Lady, Michelle Obama, with a cast member of the Planet of the Apes movies.

We met Caitlyn Jenner 8

We met Caitlyn Jenner

Image via Vanity Fair

Bruce Jenner shocked the country by coming out as a trasgender woman in a June 2015 interview with Diane Sawyer. Caitlyn Jenner has now been recognized for her work in the LGBT community. 


Bobby Kristina died 9

Bobby Kristina died

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After seven months in a coma, Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston's only daughter, died in July of 2015. She was 22 years-old. She never regained conciusness after being found in a bathtub in her Atlanta home. The cause of death has been withheld from the public.

Josh Duggar revealed as a sexual abuser 10

Josh Duggar revealed as a sexual abuser

Image via TLC

In May of 2015, the reality TV star, Josh Duggar, admitted to molesting five girls when he was a teen. In September, it was revealed that he had cheated on his wife through Ashley Madison. Their TLC show, was cancelled in the midst of the scandals, which was centered on their Christian lifestyle.


Lamar Odom's overdose 11

Lamar Odom's overdose

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Former NBA player and Khloé Kardashian's estranged husband, Lamar Odom, suffered a stroke, among other life-threatening problems, in October 2015, while consuming illegal drugs at Nevada's infamous Love Ranch. The whole Kardashian-Jenner clan rushed to his side and he's still recovering. 

Charlie Sheen is HIV Positive 12

Charlie Sheen is HIV Positive

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The Two and a Half Men star shocked the world when he announced in November 2015 that he has been HIV positive for several years.


Ben Affleck, Gavin Rossdale and the nannies 13

Ben Affleck, Gavin Rossdale and the nannies

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While Ben Affleck's marriage to Jennifer Garner seems to have survived the August 2015 scandal of his cheating with the nanny, the Bush frontman didn't have such a forgiving wife. Gwen Stefani dropped Gavin Rossdale like a hot potato after discovering him in his own nannygate. 

Larry Hernández in jail 14

Larry Hernández in jail

Image via NBC Universo

Mexican American singer Larry Hernández was arrested in September 2015 on charges kipnapping and assault. He allegedly beat a friend of a concert promoter in Newberry, South Carolina, who refused to pay him. El rey de los narcocorridos spent almost a month behind bars and awaits a trial date.


Rafael Amaya's alleged overdose 15

Rafael Amaya's alleged overdose

Image via Telemundo

Telemundo star, Rafael Amaya, had his own drug scandal in November 2015, when a Mexican magazine said that he had been hospitalized after overdosing in Mexico City. The actor, who was shooting the 4th season of his successful narconovela El señor de los cielos, said that it was all a stress crisis.

Luis Miguel could be very sick 16

Luis Miguel could be very sick

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After two amazing shows in Miami, the beloved Mexican singer, Luis Miguel, cancelled his US tour alleging serious health issues that have plagued him during most of 2015. His team reports that it's a respiratory illness, although the rumors are that it's something more serious.


Kourtney Kardashian drops Scott Disick and hooks up with .... 17

Kourtney Kardashian drops Scott Disick and hooks up with ....

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Serious entertainment sites and magazines wrote about 36 years-old Kourtney Kardashian hooking up with 21 year-old Justin Bieber. The older of the Kardashian sisters broke up with Scott Disick, her partner for 10 years and father of her children, over alleged drug use and a sexual addiction.

The Miss Universe drama 18

The Miss Universe drama

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On December 21, 2015, Steve Harvey made the mistake that changed several lives, when he mistakenly gave Miss Colombia the crown of Miss Universe, only to admit it had been a mistake and announce that the real winner was Miss Phillipines.