larry hernandezLarry Hernández hasn't been the same since his weeks in jail. His eyes look sad. Unfortunately, more bad news is heading his way. A former employee and his wife are hitting him with lawsuits and there is a pretty damning video of the kidnapping and assault case that could put him behind bars for years.

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Image via Larry Hernández/Instagram

Strong evidence against Larry Hernandez 1

Strong evidence against Larry Hernandez

Image via Larry Hernández/Instagram

A cellphone video, allegedly in the hotel where Larry Hernández stayed during his infamous trip to Newberry, South Carolina, shows how one of the artist's musicians was intimidating José Andrade, the supposed victim. Then, we see who might be Hernández with him. Here is the whole thing, as shown in Telemundo's Al Rojo Vivo.


What's next? 2

What's next?

Image via Larry Hernández

It's very possible that this video evidence, which the Newberry police has confirmed that is part of their case against Hernández, will be discussed on December 31st with his lawyers, prosecutors and the judge.


There is more legal trouble his way 3

There is more legal trouble his way

Image via Telemundo

A former employee has decided to sue him for unpaid wages and his legal wife, Isabel Hernández, has finally started the divorce procedings, after several years of estrangement. The problem is that she also wants a hefty amount of money and full custody of their two children, Larry Jr. and Sebastián, who nowadays spend a healthy amount of time with dad and fiancé Kenia Ontiveros.

Premios de la Radio 4

Premios de la Radio

Imagen via Mezcalent

After spending almost a month in jail in October, Larry Hernández appeared in front of his peers at Premios de la Radio 2015 on November 5th and sang his heart out a special song that he wrote for his mother while he was behind bars.


A big comeback 5

A big comeback

Image via Larry Hernández/Instagram

After Premios de la Radio, Larry Hernández went back to do palenques (live concerts at medium size locations), and announced a tour for 2016. He also dropped a couple of new songs that became instant hits.


It all started with payment for a concert 6

It all started with payment for a concert

Image via Billboard

However, the  star of NBC Universo's hit reality Larrymania still has the threat of years in jail over him. The nightmare started after a show on Saturday, August 15 2015 in Newberry, South Carolina ... this is where all the latest drama began.


But there were problems in that jail too 7

But there were problems in that jail too

Image via UMLE

Kenia Ontiveros and Manuela Ceniceros, Larry Hernandez's girlfriend and mother, could not visit him on October 9, 2015. There was a riot attempt on the San Bernardino jail and the facility was on lock-down.

And the day after 8

And the day after

Image via UMLE

According to the alleged victim, José Andrade, he went with the show promoter to Hernández's hotel to pay for the show.


Someone was short on cash 9

Someone was short on cash

Image via Thinkstock

A report from Al Rojo Vivo says that Hernández was expecting $30,000, but the promoter only gave him $14,000. Other stars, including Horóscopos de Durango have said that similar things happened to them with the same guy.

And then this happened 10

And then this happened

Image via Corbis

Hernández and his people allegedly decided to keep Andrade with them, while the promoter went to look for the rest of the money, says Univision. The man has said that he recived death threats from them and that he is lookin forward seeing the singer face to face.


Criminal activity? 11

Criminal activity?

Image via Corbis

Sources close to the investigation have said that the victim affirms that Hernández and his crew bound him with plastic restrains and beat him.

The escape 12

The escape

Imagen via Mezcalent

The report adds that the alleged victim managed to escape and reported the incident to the police.


The investigation 13

The investigation

Imagen vía Mezcalent

After almost a month an a half of investigations, the police in North Carolina asked California to arrest Hernández, so he was detained at the airport in San Bernardino county, before boarding a plane that would take him for a show in Colorado.

From 25 to 30 years in jail 14

From 25 to 30 years in jail

Imagen via Corbis

The punishment for this crime is up to 25 to 30 years in jail. Let's hope this is all a big missunderstanding. Qué problema for Larry Hernandez!


His only words 15

His only words

Imagen via NBC Universo

"As you well know, I´m somebody who has always been hard working, honest and and willing to face on any situation, This si why I ask for a little patience," wrote Larry Hernández on a letter to his fans and the media, explaining that his lawyers had recommended to keep quiet.

He was hoping to stay in California 16

He was hoping to stay in California

Image via El Gordo y la Flaca/Instagram

His lawyers tried to keep him in his home state, where Larry Hernández could be near his family and fans.


No bail in California 17

No bail in California

Imagen vía NBC Universo

That is, according to legal sources, the main reason he was held without bail in California is that his case was in South Carolina. Also, there is the fact that he has properties in Mexico and is a flight risk.

He left the California jail 18

He left the California jail

Image via San Bernardino County Sheriff Department

Twenty days after his arrest, the San Bernardino jail officials complied with extraditing Larry Hernández from California to South Carolina. His lawyers tried to prevent this.