Kim Kardashian look alike kamillaIs this Kim Kardashian? I had a hard time deciding. Believe it or not, you are looking at the face of Kamilla Osman, a Toronto-based blogger and Instagramer. Kim K fans are in shock at Osman's uncanny resemblance to her, and she is not the only one, mind you. Here, photos of other Kim Kardashian look-alikes! 

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Image via Kami Osman/Instagram

Kamilla Osman 1

Kamilla Osman

Image via Kami Orsman/Instagram

Osman popped up on Instagram in September 2015 and already amassed 74,000 followers by December 2015. Most of her pictures feel like Kim Kardashian posts. She even posted a photo of a little girl that looks a little like North. I find that so disturbing. She recently launched a blog, but has virtually no content.


Nicaraguan Kim Kardashian 2

Nicaraguan Kim Kardashian

Image via Dolly Castro/Instagram

With almost 2 million followers on Instagram, Nicaraguan-born Los Angeles-based model Dolly Castro has used her similarity to Kim Kardashian's curves to launch her career as a beauty and health vlogger.



British Kim Kardashian 3

British Kim Kardashian

Image via Claire Leeson/Twitter

At 24 years-old, Claire Leeson has spent around $30,000 changing her face to look like her idol. Therapy would have been less expensive and more useful!

Cuban Kim Kardashian 4

Cuban Kim Kardashian

Image via Kathy Ferreiro/Instagram

 At 21-years-old, Kathy Ferreiro doesn't look like Kim Kardashian except for curves. However, this is enough for her fans to call her the Cuban Kim Kardashian.


Colombian Kim Kardashian 5

Colombian Kim Kardashian

Image via Sonia Morales/Instagram

Sonia Ogbonna neé Morales became famous exploiting her similiarities to Kim K. However, the best part of her story is that the Colombian bombshell found love online and  married Nigerian model Ik Ogbonna with whom she has a son.



German Kim Kardashian 6

German Kim Kardashian

Image via Marianna Hewitt/Instagram

Marianna Hewitt is a German blogger and TV presenter, and often her fans are shocked by how her profile resembles Kim K. She also imitates the reality TV star with her poses on Instagram and fashion choices.


Mexican Kim Kardashian 7

Mexican Kim Kardashian

Image via Jimena Sánchez/Instagram

Jimena Sánchez is not only hailed by a million fans on Instagram as the Mexican Kim Kardashian, but she has used the resemblance to become one of Mexico's most popular commentators on Fox Sports.

Narco Kim Kardashian 8

Narco Kim Kardashian

Image via Claudia Ochoa Félix/Instagram

Claudia Ochoa Félix's claim to fame goes way beyond her provocative pictures on Instagram imitating Kim Kardashian. She was actually identified by international media as a Mexican leader of organized crime. Scary!


Peruvian Kim Kardashian 9

Peruvian Kim Kardashian

Image via Alejandra de la Fuente Bozzo/Instagram

Nobody thought that there was anybody capable of upstaging infamous Peruvian TV host Laura Bozzo. Her daughter, Alejandra de la Fuente Bozzo, is managing to do it though. She has spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures and insists on being called the Kim Kardashian latina.

Another American Kardashian 10

Another American Kardashian

Image via Niki Mudarris/Instagram

Niki Mudarris has more than a million fans on Instagram, and they don't seem to care that she has admitted to having plastic surgery to look more like Kim K-- and that she's making a career out of it. I find it super creepy but maybe that's just me.



Male Kim Kardashian 11

Male Kim Kardashian

Image via Jordan James Parke/Twitter

Makeup artist and style advisor Jordan Parke has done everything in his power including spending $150,000 to look like Kim Kardashian, whom he considers the most beautiful woman in the world. 


The real Kim Kardashian 12

The real Kim Kardashian

Image via Splash News

This is the real Kim Kardashian. Can you see the difference between her and her dopplegangers? ¡Qué loca está alguna gente!, my abuela would say after seeing this.