Kim kardashianKim Kardashian celebrated her 55 million Instagram followers by launching her own emojis. Yup, there are Kim Kardashian emojis, and the "Kimojis" are as obnoxious as you can imagine. Check them out in the slideshow, as well as other crazy products Kim tries to sell us on her site.

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Image via Splash News

Kimojis 1


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Maybe I'm not a real fan, but I can't imagine a situation in which I'd need these emojis. What do you think? Kim Kardashian said they were two years in the making. Really? If you must have them, they are $1.99 in the App store.


A dress 2

A dress

Image via Net-a-Porter

This cashmere sweater dress from Tomas Maier is cute, but too much Kanye West and Kim Kardashian for my taste. Also the $1,340 at Net-a-Porter price seems mental!.


A Balenciaga Jacket 3

A Balenciaga Jacket

Image via Net-a-Porter

This Balenciaga leather biker jacket is sold at Net-a-Porter for $2,745. Really? I bet there are cows cheaper than the jacket! 

Headphones 4


Image via Barneys New York

These Pryma headphones are lightweight and made with Italian leather. I still would never pay the $500 they are marked for in Barneys New York. Sorry. 


A gold brush 5

A gold brush

Image via Net-A-Porter

High end hair products, maybe. But a gold hair brush?!!! This is ridiculous to the max. Even more to pay $209 for it on Net-A-Porter. Sorry, Kim, but this is kind of nuts.


Bodysuit 6


Image via La Perla

This bodysuit is gorgeous, although both the design and the price --$2,768 on La Perla --are insane. 


Makeup brushes 7

Makeup brushes

Image via Net-A-Porter


The right makeup brush makes a big difference, but the Net-A-Porter price of $350 for a set of brushes is excessive, unless it came with all the products you need, and a contouring class from Kim Kardashian herself!

A pouch 8

A pouch

Image via Neiman Marcus


This is wrong in so many levels! I don't care if it's Givenchy or a big store brand, I think is always a bad idea to promote violence to sell anything. And, although I love Roitweillers, this angry face does nothing to dispell the breed's bad reputation. Also, it costs $485 in Neiman Marcus....for a canvas pouch!


Massages 9

Just to think that a three massages from Zeel cost $478 makes me so stressed out, that it would invalidate any benefit that my back could get from them. Too expensive. For that price, I could do a mini honeymoon weekend or get a sitter for many nights!

Nude bodysuit 10

Nude bodysuit

Image via Net-a-Porter

This Maison Margiela body suit is probably amazing, but $430 at Net-a-Porter, seems like a terrible extravagance.