Luis Miguel miami 2015Luis Miguel took his sweet time to start his Miami concert. After an hour plus delay many of us thought he was going to pull another dissapearing act. But, no! Luismi showed up in fine form, and when I say fine I'm not only talking about his voice. I'll just say I was pleasantly surprised. Here, 12 thoughts that go through your mind at a Luis Miguel concert. 

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Please show up, por favorcito 1

Please show up, por favorcito

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OMG! He sounds amazing 2

OMG! He sounds amazing

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My last Luis Miguel concert was 23 years ago, and after all the rumors of substance abuse and illness I expected his voice to be affected. Nada que ver, he has still one of the best voices in the business, if not the best.



Wait! Wasn´t he chubby 3

Wait! Wasn´t he chubby

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Ay amiga, Luis Miguel seems to have taken a page out of Alejandro Fernández's book and started going to the gym. He is trim and his arms are buff. Wait until you see him in a T-shirt. Papacito.

He needs a hair makeover 4

He needs a hair makeover

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He has lots of hair! But someone overdid the gel. I say he also needs to stop dressing and looking like an old banker and make his own version of a hip madurito.


I don't want to hear myself sing 5

I don't want to hear myself sing

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While I hate those artist that don't interact with the public, Luis Miguel ceded the microphone to the fans too often, for too long. It's fun, but that time needs to be reduced.


Not a full version of "La Incondicional"? WTH! 6

Not a full version of

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To be fair he sang almost every hit, and there are many. Luis Miguel combined lots of his songs in four medleys. It was an emotional trip down memory lane. Just one complaint....His biggest hit "La Incondicional" was in that mix. He needs to switch a couple of songs.


I want one of those roses 7

I want one of those roses

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"There is never enough," he said.

Mariachis, I'm going to cry 8

Mariachis, I'm going to cry

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I still get goosebumps thinking about the moment when the mariachis showed up. Imagine "La Bikina", "Cielito Lindo", "México, México te llevo en el corazón...."


Is that a T-shirt? 9

Is that a T-shirt?

Image via Susana Muller/Instagram

Obviously, El Sol has been hitting the gym and picking up the weights. He had biceps, ladies. I bet he also has some abs!


A Snapchat recap 10


I'm in love all over again 11

I'm in love all over again

Image via Enrique Santos/Instagram

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Luis Miguel can sustain the quality of the first Miami concert throughout the U.S. leg of this tour. If he does, there is no doubt: El Sol is back, and let's hope he's here to stay this time.