YouTube rewind 2015Bethany Mota, Hola Soy German and Yuya are some of the biggest YouTube stars. They are among the 17 Latinos included in YouTube Rewind 2015, the yearly video that highlights the world's top YouTubers. It's pretty amazing because most of them are young adults succeeding on a competitive stage and because most of them vlog in Spanish!

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Image via YouTube

Yuya 1


Image via Yuya/YouTube

She is a Mexican teenager who became a huge star posting makeup and lifestyle videos. 


Yuya Channel 2

As of December of 2015, Yuya had 12,393,918 subscribers and 1,199,609,599 views on YouTube.


Hola Soy German 3

Hola Soy German

Image via YouTube


Chilean Germán Garmendia vlogs in Spanish about situations that teenagers and young adults go through. He is very amusing and his talent has made him the third most popular YouTuber in the world.

Hola Soy German Channel 4

By December of 2015 his YouTube channel had 25,298,698 subscribers and 2,290,100,662 views.


Los Polinesios 5

Los Polinesios

Image via YouTube

Leslie, Rafael y Ana Karen Velázquez are siblings and vlog about lifestyle and travel topics for kids. 


Los Polinesios Channel 6

By December of 2015, their channel Los Polinesios, one of three, had 1,693,652 subscribers and 260,032,808 views.


Werevertumorro 7


Image via YouTube

Gabriel Montiel Gutiérrez is adored in México, not only for his YouTube channel of sketches but he is also a professional soccer player.

Werevertumorro Channel 8

By December of 2015, the channel had 10,771,259 subscribers and 1,428,252,986 views.


Enchufe TV 9

Enchufe TV

Image via YouTube

With seven stars, EnchufeTV is an Ecuadorian online show, that became so successful that now have a weekly hour on TV channel Ecuavisa.

EnchufeTV Channel 10

In December of 2015, they had 9,871,839 subscribers and 2,371,622,145 views.


Cameron Dallas 11

Cameron Dallas

Image via Cameron Dallas/Instagram

The half Mexican California nativem Cameron Dallas, is also the 7th most followed Viner in the world. He has also acted and was Teen's Choice Favorite Viner at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards.

Cameron Dallas Channel 12

By December of 2015, Cameron Dallas had 4,079,157 subscribers and 150,377,240 views in his YouTube Channel.


Lauren Giraldo 13

Lauren Giraldo

Florida teen sensation Lauren Giraldo became famous on Vine overnight and had to be homeschooled and moved to L.A., all in a year's span. She has been dabbling on YouTube since 2003.

Lauren Giraldo Channel 14

By December of 2015, her channel had 346,491 subscribers and 8,626,472 views.


El Rubius OMG 15

El Rubius OMG

Image via El Rubius OMG

Rubén Doblas Gundersen, better known as “El Rubius”, the blondie, is a Spanish vloger who is the second most popular Spanish-language YouTuber and the 19th in the world. His videos are about video games and funny versions of everyday events.

El Rubius OMG channel 16

By December 2015, his channel had 14,966,608 subscribers • 2,882,771,065 views.


Bethany Mota 17

Bethany Mota

Image via Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota is a Mexican American vloger who started on YouTube in 2009, making videos about clothes, crafts and makeup. She was on Dancing with the Stars in 2014 and has her own clothing line with Aeropostale.

Bethany Mota YouTube Channel 18

By December 2015, her channel had 9,660,903 subscribers and 801,559,556 views.


Johanna Colón 19

Johanna Colón

Image via YouTube

Colón, who lives in North Carolina, became a YouTube sensation with a video her mom posted of the first grader performing at a dance recital where she imitated Aretha Franklin. She has appeared on Despierta America and other TV shows. 

Elissa Colón YouTube Channel 20

By December 2015 she had 4,115 subscribers and 21,915,885 views.


Caeli 21


Image via YouTube

Olalla López, better known as Caeli or Caelikes, is a Mexican YouTuber who vlogs about things that interest and happen to girls, from makeup and crafts to period issues.  She has also been a social media correspondent on Telemundo for shows like Premios Tu Mundo.


Caeli YouTube Channel 22

By December 2015, she had 5,795,318 subscribers and 527,819,444 views.