Chiquis Rivera sends heartbreaking message to her mom, Jenni, on the anniversary of her death (VIDEO)

chiquisChiquis Rivera just published an amazingly moving video on Instagram. I dare you not to cry. On the third anniversary of Jenni Rivera's death, her oldest daughter's pain seems so raw. It's about un abrazo and the eternal void that comes with losing the most important person in your life.


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In Chiquis' case, the situation probably is harder than usual. When her mom died on December 9, 2012, their relationship was severely damaged. La Diva de la Banda had ended her marriage to third husband Esteban Loaiza, after accusing him and her daughter of carrying an affair under her own roof. 

Jenni Rivera took Chiquis out of her will and condemned her privately and publicly. They never had the chance to make up. It pains me to write this. I can only imagine what her daughter is feeling today. ¡Fuerza, Chiquis!

Here is the video. If you have lost somebody you love, you will know exactly what she means. 



What I would give for one of her hugs... Just for 5 seconds. Just 5!!!! I need one so bad. 💔💔 Three years ago today, at around this time, my whole world came crumbling down on me.... Again. 😔 For the world she's @jennirivera, but to my heart she's my greatest friend, my rock, my reason, the love of my life, the person I will forever miss. I never thought pain could be so deep it hurts in the bones. You'd think after three years it would get better, but all that really happens is that reality sets in.... The reality of the rest of my life. 💔 Thank you to all of you who love my momma and continue listening to her music. You guys help us keep her legacy alive. Thank you!!! #Unica #INOLVIDABLE #OneOfAKind #THEbest #MyMomma #PowerTeam #Forever #JenniVive #Quismin #SuPrincesa

A video posted by Janney "Chiquis" (@chiquisoficial) onDec 9, 2015 at 1:40am PST

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