kim kardashian and kanye westIf Kim Kardashian or Kanye West were Latinos, no one would have thought twice about the name of their new baby boy. I know at least three people with the Spanish version, Santos. The couple revealed their decision on Kim's blog and the reactions made me laugh so hard, that I'm sore. So, get ready, because you will be in stitches too. I can't imagine how their son will feel about his name in the future, but I'm grateful for the laughs. So, thank you Kimye and congrats again!

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The annoucement 1

The very brieft message was published on Kim's blog and promoted on Twitter. I'm sure they expected some of the reactions and I'm also pretty sure that Kanye must be mad about the directions some of the jokes took.  


We are near Christmas after all 2

We are near Christmas after all

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Can you imagine!?


Santa Kim 3

Santa Kim

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They even gave her veladoras. #LOL!

Yeezus 4


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Given that is the name of Kanye's clothing line, we could say there is a theme going on.


Baby Saint 5

Baby Saint

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Right away he had a Twitter profile with this avatar. It's kind of cute, right?


Amen 6


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Poor North 7

Poor North

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So there are other kids named Saint out there? 8

So there are other kids named Saint out there?

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And then the real jokes started 9

And then the real jokes started

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This is kinda low!

And the teasing got mean 10

And the teasing got mean

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I can see Kanye's anger the moment he reads this one!


And meaner 11

And meaner

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And meaner 12

And meaner

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It's true...


And then funny 13

And then funny

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This is my favorite!

LOL 14


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This is a believable list of possible names ...


Not even the Pope is that dope 15

Not even the Pope is that dope

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Wild West? 16

Wild West?

Image via Kiarr/Instagram

Saint doesn't sound so bad after all.