rosa saavedraIn September of 2013, Rosa Saavedra shared that she feared a cancer diagnosis after a biopsy. Since then, the entire Rivera family has skillfully avoided the topic, until Lupillo Rivera soltó la sopa in an interview about the conflicts with his family. "Although she is cured, they should take better care of her," said El Toro del Corrido talking about his siblings. Shocking! Luckily, Jenni Rivera's mom is doing well and she is not the only celebrity to have defeated cancer.

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Rosa Saavedra 1

Rosa Saavedra

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During an interview with Sal y Pimienta, Lupillo Rivera let it slip that his mom was very fragile, after battling cancer, although she is in remission now. "My mom has suffered a lot this last years. Nobody gets over cancer and my mom is doing well. God healed her," said El Toro del Corrido. 


The first mention of cancer 2

The first mention of cancer

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Mexican magazine TVNotas published an interview with Saavedra in September, 2013, where she said:"A month a go I started to feel my throat very dry. I had sudden pain and turns out I had some growths on my vocal cords. The doctor told me not to be scared, they were going to do a biopsy and analyze, but there is so much cancer going around that I start thinking nonsense." The Riveras avoided talking about the topic after that. 


Did Lupillo Rivera talk too much? 3

Did Lupillo Rivera talk too much?

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Doña Rosa has been at odds with Lupillo, her youngest son since march 2015, when El Toro del Corrido failed to invite his mom to his concert in Los Angeles. I seriously doubt that the relationship will heal anytime soon, after he revealed her illness, which has been kept a secret for a reason. 

Its been a tough ride for Doña Rosa 4

Its been a tough ride for Doña Rosa

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The last few years have been very difficult for Rosa Saavedra who, after losing her daughter Jenni Rivera in December 2012, has had to deal with awful fights between her children, a cancer diagnosis and her mother's death in November 2013.  At least, that's what we know. I can't imagine the things she has endured privately.


Adriana Barraza 5

Adriana Barraza

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The 33's star Adriana Barraza is another Latina celeb who has battled cancer recently. "I thought I was dying. That was my first reaction," she told in People en Español in September of 2015. She had a mastectomy in one of her breasts and says that she is now cancer free.


Lorena Meritano 6

Lorena Meritano

Imagen vía lorenameritano/Instagram

Argentinian telenovela star Lorena Meritano, better known for her role in Pasión de Gavilanes, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. After intense chemo in Colombia, she anounced in April 2015 that the cancer is in remission.


Patricia Reyes Spindola 7

Patricia Reyes Spindola

Image via Patricia Reyes Spíndola/Twitter

The Fear of the Walking Dead star, Patricia Reyes Spíndola was diagnosed with breast cancer on September 11, 2011. She had a mastectomy and decided then to keep her illness secret, to avoid her mom suffering. In October 2015, she decided to go public as part of a campaign against breast cancer in Mexico.

Adamari López 8

Adamari López

Image vía Adamari López/ Twitter

Adamari López was 35 when in 2005 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She opted for a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. She is now one of the most outspoken celebrities in the fight against cancer.


Angélica María 9

Angélica María

Image via Angélica María/ Twitter

Mexican Icon Angélica María was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997 and was one of the first Latinas to make her illness public.

Giuliana Rancic 10

Giuliana Rancic

Imagen vía Giuliana Rancic/ Facebook

The host of E! News was diagnosed in 2011 just before getting a second round of IVF in order to have children. Her tumor was discovered early and she underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. She welcomed her baby in 2013 through a surrogate.


Alejandra Guzmán 11

Alejandra Guzmán

Image via Alejandra Guzmán/ Twitter

The Mexican rockera was diagnosed in 2007, after going for a regular check-up. The doctor discovered a cancerous tumor in her breast and she was successfully operated months later. This month, she is travelling the continent with her A + no poder tour.

Ana María Polo 12

Ana María Polo

Imagen vía Ana María Polo/ Twitter

The Latina Judge Judy, Ana María Polo, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. Twelve years after she had a mastectomy and was treated with chemo, Polo is a cancer activist and the star of Telemundo's hit daily show, Caso Cerrado.


Cecilia Galliano 13

Cecilia Galliano

Image via Televisa

Sabadazo frontwoman Cecilia Galliano revealed in 2014 that she fought cancer cells in her ovaries, discovered after she had her second son Santiago, product of her marriage with Sebastián Rulli.

Bárbara Mori 14

Bárbara Mori

Imagen vía Bárbara Mori/Facebook

Rubí starbara Mori was diagnosed with the disease when she was 29 years old. She underwent treatment and is a cancer survivor. She travels throughout Latin America inspiring others and raising awareness about the disease.


Sofía Vergara 15

Sofía Vergara

Image via Getty Images

The newly Mrs. Manganiello was victim of thyroid cancer, which was diagnosed in 2001. The Colombian actress now participates in early detection campaigns.

Daniela Romo 16

Daniela Romo

Image via Daniela Romo/ Twitter

The Mexican singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. Famous for her incredibly long hair, Romo expressed that she was afraid of shaving it. The brave singer did it and she looked beautiful. She is a survivor and she is still inspiring her fans with her music and art.