latino celebs married 3 timesYou know that saying, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again? Well that's exactly what these Latino celebrities have done when it comes to marriage. Check out this list of estrellas who have said "I do" at least three times. 

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Jenni Rivera 1

Jenni Rivera

Image via Corbis

During her life, La Diva of Banda had five children and was married three times. Her last marriage was to baseball player Esteban Loaiza. Divorce papers had been filed in 2012, but Rivera died in a tragic plane crash on December 9 before the divorce was finalized. 


Jennifer Lopez 2

Jennifer Lopez

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J.Lo has been married and divorced three times. As you probably already know, her most current marriage and divorce was with Marc Anthony, who is also the dad of her twins, Emme and Max. Lopez hasn’t ruled out a future marriage. She says, "I've got to hope that if I keep going I will eventually get it right."


Marc Anthony 3

Marc Anthony

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The world's best selling salsero of all time has been married three times and divorced twice. Currently he is married to Shannon de Lima and his ex wives are Jennifer Lopez and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres.

Eva La Rue 4

Eva La Rue

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The All My Children and CSI: Miami star of Puerto Rican descent has been married and divorced three times each. Her longest marriage was with fellow All My Children actor John Callahan with whom she had a daughter. 


Erik Estrada 5

Erik Estrada

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The CHiPs and “Dos mujeres, un camino star has been married three times and divorced twice. He’s  been happily married to his third wife, Nanette Mircovich since 1997.

Lorenzo Lamas 6

Lorenzo Lamas

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When asked why he married five times, the actor, whose background is Argentinean, replied: "The short hand is I was the kind of person who tended to rescue people and think that they could fix them. My therapist told me that that’s not my job. But I didn’t have the therapy until after my third wife. She was of great help, of course it didn't help me with wife number four." He is currently married to Shawna Craig whom he wed in 2011.


Giselle Bondet 7

Giselle Bondet

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The Puerto Rican actress whose career really took off internationally when she became the host of Despierta América in 1997, has been married and divorced three times. She’s been happily unmarried since 1997 when she divorced her third husband Harold Trucco. 

Rita Hayworth 8

Rita Hayworth

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Born Margarita Carmen Cansino, the iconic actress, who ended up taking on her mother's maiden name Hayworth in order to increase her acting opportunities at a time when Spanish sounding last names were considered a drawback, was married and divorced five times before her death in 1987. Perhaps you’ve heard of her famous second husband, Orson Welles. 


Geraldo Rivera 9

Geraldo Rivera

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Author, attorney, reporter and infamous talk show host Geraldo Rivera has been married five times. Since 2003, the 72-year-old has been married to Erica Michelle Levy who is 32 years his junior. 

Andrés García 10

Andrés García

Image via Mezcalent

This telenovela galán has had such an active love life that apparently no one can even keep track of how many wives he’s had, but it is estimated that he's had at least three. In 2013, he separated from Margarita Portillo whom he had been married to for over two years.