Rafael amaya Rafael Amaya's first interview after the news of his alleged overdose was weird. I'm not saying I believe him or not. That is for you to decide, but it seemed to me that something was off. Maybe he was nervous. After all, María Celeste has an uncanny ability to make you soltar la lengua, take a look at the whole scandal and his interview in Al Rojo Vivo and you will see what I mean.

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Image via Telemundo

Rafael Amaya 1

Rafael Amaya

Image via Telemundo

"Like any other human being, I started to get sick," Amaya said. "I started missing work and Telemundo and I decided that we needed a break and take life back to recharge energy," Amaya said to María Celeste.


Was it the breakup? 2

Was it the breakup?

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Many people assumed that Amaya was affected by the end of his engagement to Angélica Zelaya, but he insisted that his therapy for that was work.


It all started with TV y Novelas 3

It all started with TV y Novelas

Imagen via TV y Novelas

According to TvyNovelas, Amaya wrote his now infamous tweet, "Back from the dead," soon after leaving Mexico City's Hospital Español, where he was reportedly admitted in intensive care while unconscious. The magazine reported that the diagnosis was tachycardia and drug overdose.

The hospital 4

The hospital

The Hufftington Post re[ported that for two days, Amaya "was between life and death", but eventually pulled through. The actor was in the middle of taping the last weeks of El señor de los cielos 4, but work on all of his scenes has been halted.


The Lord of Hell 5

The Lord of Hell

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"[Right now, he] is the lord of hell, because that is what he has been going through lately," said a source close to the actor to HuffPo. "He has always been a nice guy, a friend, but he has been overwhelmed by the series' success. He didn't know how to handle all the growth in his career. He ended up identifying to much with his character of Aurelio Casillas", added the source.


Aurelio Casillas 6

Aurelio Casillas

El señor de los cielos was originaly inspired by Amado Carrillo, an infamous Mexican drug dealer know by that moniker. Although Amaya was well known in Mexico and even acted in Ugly Betty, he became internationally famous with his role of El Güero on the super successful La reina del sur, and became a world sensation as Casillas.


Telemundo 7


Initially, Telemundo declined to comment about the situation, but just a few days after Amaya was reportedly released from the hospital, the network informed that Amaya was on a break, after not taking vacation for 11 months.

It was just too much work 8

It was just too much work

Imagen via Telemundo

Amaya said that after four seasons of El Señor de los Cielos it all became "too much." But he denied it had anything to do with gambling or drugs. 


Más Señor de los Cielos 9

Más Señor de los Cielos

"Right now I feel completely renewed, I feel the same energy that I had when I started El Señor de los Cielos, because I really needed to rest," he insisted and said that there is much more coming. "Hay para rato," he said, hinting that there will be a 5th season.

In his own words 10

Check out the interview and see what you think.