jenni rivera childrenCan you believe Jenni Rivera's death was three years ago on December 9th? So much has happened since then. Rosie and Chiquis Rivera have booming careers, Lupillo Rivera has fought and almost made up with his siblings. However, Johnny and Jenicka have had the biggest transformations. See what I'm talking about.

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Image via Chiquis Rivera/Instagram

Chiquis 1


Image via Atria Books

Not only she is a New York Times best-selling author, but Chiquis has now the custody of her siblings and a successful album.


Johnny López 2

Johnny López

Image via Juan Ángel Oficial/Instagram

Jenni Rivera's youngest child is an almost 15-year-old teenager (his birthday is in January), who does great in school and dreams of being a banda singer.


Mickey Rivera 3

Mickey Rivera

Image via Mezcalent

Michael Rivera works as crew for the California hip-hop band Breakbeats & Rhymes and is a dad.

Jacqie Campos 4

Jacqie Campos

Image via Mezcalent

Jacqie hasn't given up her dreams of becoming a Christian music singer, but right now she is more focused on her two daughters and the baby boy that is on the way.


Jenicka López 5

Jenicka López

Image via Jenicka López/Instagram

Jenicka, Jenni Rivera's youngest daughter, graduated high school, started college, and is considering moving out on her own, after her mom's house sells.


Esteban Loaiza 6

Esteban Loaiza

Image via Mezcalent

Jenni Rivera's estranged husband has made his life with singer Cristina Eustace and had a son with her in April 2015.


Rosie Rivera 7

Rosie Rivera

Image via Mezcalent

Rosie Rivera transitioned from being the little sister to one who has taken charge of her life and career. She has acted in movies and video clips, launched her own website and purchased her first home. Rosie also has a tell-all biography coming out in 2016. Way to go!

Juan Rivera 8

Juan Rivera

Image via Mezcalent

Jenni Rivera's youngest brother not only is very active helping Rosie Rivera with Jenni Rivera Enterprises, but he also relaunched his singing career. His latest single "Producto de Sociedad" was released by La Diva de la Banda's record label, Divina Music.


Pedro Rivera 9

Pedro Rivera

Image via Cintas Acuario

The patriarch of the Rivera family has been more active than ever with his record label, Cintas Acuario, and has expanded the e-commerce part of his website to include perfumes and Jenni Rivera memorabilia. He also launched his first bachata track in November 2015. Talk about reinvention!

Rosa Saavedra 10

Rosa Saavedra

Image via Mezcalent

Jenni Rivera's mom is recovering from her succesful battle against cancer. She has also spent the last months of 2015 reconnecting with her family in Mexico.


Pedro Rivera Jr. 11

Pedro Rivera Jr.

Imagen via Pedro Rivera Jr/Instagram

The oldest kid of the Rivera family keeps focusing on his ministry and growing his flock on his Iglesia Primer Amor.

Lupillo Rivera 12

Lupillo Rivera

Image via Lupillo Rivera/Facebook

El Rey del Corrido is stronger than ever with his fans and is trying to mend fences with his family. However, his decision to reveal his mother's cancer may hamper those efforts. We will see!


Mayeli Rivera 13

Mayeli Rivera

Image via Mayeli Rivera/Instagram

Many in the Rivera family blame Lupillo's wife for the fallen out between the siblings. In the meantime, Mayeli Rivera has been busy building a beauty products empire, that includes a line for Larry Hernández's wife's products. 

Gustavo Rivera 14

Gustavo Rivera

Image via Mezcalent

Jenni Rivera's middle brother has resumed his career as a singer, playing in small venues around the country. He also is very active promoting Jenni Rivera's products.


Abel Flores 15

Abel Flores

Imagen via Abel Workship Apparels

Rosie Rivera's husband not only helps her with their two girls, but launched his own line of Christian clothing under the brand Abel Workship Apparels.

The grandchildren 16

The grandchildren

 Image via Jenni Rivera/Facebook

When Jenni Rivera died in December of 2012, she was 42-years-old and had two grandchildren Jaylah and Luna. By the end of 2015, she would also be delighted to met Jenavieve, Jacqie's second daughter and her baby boy who will be born in 2016.


Mónica Padilla 17

Imagen via Youtube

Jenni Rivera had chosen bilingual singer Mónica Padilla to be the first artist represented by her record label. Her first album will be coming out the first weeks of 2016. Padilla was introduced to the public by La Diva de la Banda during her 2012 concert at LA's Gibson Amphiteathre.

Jenni Rivera Enterprises 18

Jenni Rivera Enterprises

Image via Jenni Rivera Music

The Jenni Rivera brand has experienced incredible growth under Rosie's management. Today, it includes the subsidiaries Jenni Rivera Music, Jenni Rivera Fashion and Divina Music, a record label. WOW!