lupillo riveraFor the first time in more than a year, the Rivera family had a reunion. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the images on social media of Lupillo Rivera and some from the Rivera clan, together, in one room. Unfortunately, not all of them were there, but it's a good start (which has been in the works for some time) and what a better time than Thanksgiving. See who was at the reunion and what's happening with the rest of the family.

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Additional reporting for the gallery by Laura Pagliaro and Griseida Díaz

Image via Lupillo Rivera/Facebook

Thanksgiving reunion 1

Thanksgiving reunion

Imagen vía Lupillo Rivera/Instagram

"Celebrating early Thanksgiving with my dad and my carnales," wrote Lupillo Rivera. The image shows Rosie, Pedro Jr. and Don Pedro Rivera with his son from another relationship.


The brothers 2

The brothers

Image via Pedro Rivera Jr./Instagram

According to Pedro Rivera Jr., the dinner was in Lupillo's house and he was very happily surprised to see Rosie there.


The meal 3

The meal

Image via Lupillo Rivera/Facebook

According to witnesses, Lupillo Rivera prepared himself a pork chile.

Gorgeous decoration 4

Gorgeous decoration

Image via Lupillo Rivera/Facebook

The table looks so pretty. Love the pool area!


The ladies 5

The ladies

Image vía Mayeli Rivera/Instagram

Rosie Rivera, Mayeli Rivera (Lupillo's wife) and Ramona (Pedro's wife) seem to be having a great time.



The most painful absence 6

The most painful absence

Image via Mezcalent

It's not surprising that Rosa Saavedra, the Rivera family matriarch, wasn't there. She refuses to be in the same room with her ex husband's new son, but I think she would have enjoyed it.


Jenni Rivera's children weren't there either 7

Jenni Rivera's children weren't there either

Image via Mezcalent

Lupillo has admitted he hasn't reached out to La Diva de la Banda's kids. It's about time he did though, espeially as the third anniversary of her death nears.

Will Chiquis forgive him? 8

Will Chiquis forgive him?

Image via chiquisoficial/Instagram

Let's hope a meeting with Chiquis is in the works. Lupillo Rivera has said that he believes Jenni Rivera was right when accused her daughter of having an affair with her then husband Esteban Loaiza.


Gustavo Rivera 9

Gustavo Rivera

Imagen vía gustavoriveraoficial/Instagram

In March 2013, Gustavo Rivera used a bat to destroy Lupillo Rivera's truck, while his wife and children were inside.

The big distance 10

The big distance

Image via Jenni Rivera/Facebook

The problems expanded to all the sibblings, who couldn't agree on what was the best way to honor Jenni Rivera after hear death on December 9, 2012.


The relationship with Gustavo seems to be on the mend 11

The relationship with Gustavo seems to be on the mend

Image via Mezcalent

In December 2014, during a concert to honor Jenni Rivera on the second anniversary of her death, Gustavo and Lupillo Rivera seemed to be on better terms.

But they haven't seen together in public since then ... 12

But they haven't seen together in public since then ...

Image via Lupillo Rivera/Instagram

Lupillo has said he's waiting for an apology from his brother to his family.


Juan Rivera 13

Juan Rivera

Image vía JuanRiverausic/Instagram

The situation with Juan Rivera seems to be even worse. The distance between the two started when they went to get Jenni Rivera's remains in Monterrey, Mexico. Things haven't been right between them since then.

A December reunion? 14

A December reunion?

Image via Jenni Rivera/Facebook

We can only hope that by the anniversary of Jenni Rivera's passing, or for Christmas, the Riveras can be all together like a family should.