sofia vergara weddingTurns out that most of the things we had heard about Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello's wedding were a lie. There was no ultra secrecy and not only did the guests keep their cell phones on them, but it was the bride herself who Instagrammed the entire gorgeous affair. The only one to steal an exclusive moment from her was her son Manolo who showed us the amazing wedding ring. Take a look at the exquisite piece plus other new images of the event.

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Image vía Sofía Vergara/Instagram

The ring 1

The ring

Image via Manolo González Vergara/Instagram


Sofía Vergara's son Manolo published this photo of the happy family the day after the wedding. Check out the gorgeous diamond eternity band! It's huge!


The Breakers 2

The Breakers

Image via The Breakers

Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello chose the iconic Palm Beach hotel and resort The Breakers for their epic wedding. Its 200-year history has hosted a "who's who" list of American high class like the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, Astors, Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan, alongside United States presidents and European nobility.


The invitation 3

The invitation

Image via Lehr & Black/Instagram

Can you imagine receiving one of these in the mail? Made by prestigious Los Angeles studio Lehr & Black, the invitation was inspired by the flowers that were in abundance through the whole event.

The table 4

The table

Image via Mindy Weiss/Instagram

What a vision! Check out the plates and the table, all made out of clear crystal so the flowers shined through.


The wedding cake 5

The wedding cake

Image via Sofía Vergara/Instagram

Sofía Vergara said the cake would be memorable and here it is, in all its glory.


A work of art 6

A work of art

Image via Mindy Weiss/Instagram


Wow! With the happy couple next to it, the cake looks even better. It was created by New York legendary cake maker Sylvia Weinstock.


Welcoming her guests 7

Welcoming her guests

Image via Sofía Vergara/Instagram

People started to arrive on Friday, November 20 and were invited to stay through the Thanksgiving celebrations. How generous!

Pool day 8

Pool day

Image via Sofía Vergara/Instagram

Saturday morning there was a pool party and Sofía Vergara showed up in amazing beach wear from Brazilian designer Martha Medeiros.


#Jofía 9


Image via Manolo González Vergara/Instagram

Her son Manolo had those T-shirts printed with the hashtag of the wedding: #Jofía

Gorgeous Menu 10

Gorgeous Menu

Image via Sofía Vergara/Instagram

Instead of a rehearsal dinner, there was a dinner hosted by the bride. The theme was red and incredible crimson roses adorned the room.


Adorable napkin 11

Adorable napkin

Image via Sofia Vergara/Instagram

Great touch!

With Jorgito Celedón 12

Image via Sofía Vergara/Instagram

In charge of the music was Colombian favorite vallenato singer Jorgito Celedón, who drove the crowd crazy when he sang his mega hit "Qué bonita es esta vida".


Sweet child of mine 13

Sweet child of mine

Image via Sofía Vergara/Instagram

When the DJ took over, an unforgettable moment was when Joe Manganiello sang to Sofía Gun and Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine."

Is this the future? 14

Is this the future?

Image vía Sofía Vergara/Instagram

Sofía Vergara has openly said she wishes for one more child, Manolo is 23 years old.


The wedding dress 15

The wedding dress

Image via Zuhair Murad Official/Instagram

The Zuhair Murad Couture dress consisted of a hand-embroidered bodice, contained 11 pounds of sequins and 6 pounds of pearls, and required 32 people to around the clock to complete the design, which took a total of 1,657 hours. Lorraine Schwartz diamond earrings (55 carats of them), diamond hair clip and bracelet completed the look.

With her son 16

With her son

Image vía Sofía Vergara/Instagram

It must have been very exciting for both of them, when Manolo walked her to the altar. 


Here comes the bride 17

Here comes the bride

Image via Sofía Vergara/Instagram

Sofía and her son walked to an instrumental version of Amanda McBroom's "The Rose," under a cascade of roses, orchids and crystal chandeliers.

Yes, I will 18

Yes, I will

Image via Sofía Vergara/Instagram

"Joe made a beautiful speech pledging his eternal love and adoration in both English and Spanish, followed by Sofia's which she preambled by the statement, 'Oh, mine is not so good!' " a source said to People Magazine. Instead of I do, they said I will.


The first dance 19

The first dance

Image vía Sofía Vergara/Instagram

The band called JB Project from West Coast Music played during the reception.

Amazing desserts 20

Amazing desserts

Image via María Celeste Arrarás/Instagram

Although there was a lavish dinner, with caviar, crab and lamb, the desserts stole the show.


The surprise guest 21

The surprise guest

Image via Vale Michetti/Instagram

Pitbull had everybody jumping! What an amazing party.

Her Modern family 22

Her Modern family

Image via Sofía Vergara/Instagram

The cast from ABC's hit show.


Serenade 23


Image via Joe Manganiello/Instagram

"Slash has nothing on@JohnFeldy #SweetChildOMine," wrote Joe Manganiello. He sang again to Sofía and tore the dance floor with a Magic Mike routine.

Mr. and Mrs Joe Manganiello 24

Mr. and Mrs Joe Manganiello

Image via Joe Manganiello/Instagram

Husband and wife.