Are 16 months enough to tell your lover all your secrets? Not when you are 43 years old. So I've decided to help out newlyweds Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello. To save them time and surprises, I made a list of some things about the Colombian star that I though the groom may not know. I hope he's reading this!

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Image via Sofia Vergara/Instagram

It was all good luck 1

Image via Badder TV

At 17, Sofía Vergara was at the beach with her family, when she was offered the chance to star in this commercial.


Her dream was to be ... 2

Her dream was to be ...

Image via Sofía Vergara/ Instagram

...A dentist! Who knew?


Brother trouble 3

Brother trouble

Image via Head and Shoulders

Her life seems golden, but she has gone through her share of tragedies. Her brother Rafael was kidnapped and killed in the 90s. Sofia convinced her family to move to Miami near her, but her brother Julio became addicted to alcohol and drugs and was deported after 30 arrests.

She was a telenovela star 4

She was a telenovela star

Image via Televisa


She was part of the cast of Televisa's Acapulco, cuerpo y alma, with Paty Manterola and Saúl Lizaso.


Cachetada kid 5

Cachetada kid

Image via Sofía Vergara/Instagram

Although he wasn't the best looking guy around, Joe González managed to marry the prettiest girl around. However, his friends remember it wasn't easy: she slapped him so many times in public, they nicknamed him "Cachetada kid".


Just like in 'Modern Family' 6

Just like in 'Modern Family'

Image via You Tube

Remember that episode of Modern Family when Benjamin Bratt, playing Sofia's ex husband, stayed in her house with her new husband? Apparently it was a slice of her real life. Manolo's dad used to stay with them when visiting L.A.


Fuego en la sangre 7


She went back to Televisa in 2008, after being already in Hollywood, to work with Adela Noriega and Eduardo Yañez.

Knee problems 8

Knee problems

Imagen via Sofía Vergara/ WhoSay

She confessed that knee problems prevent her from doing certain exercises, so she uses machines like this one.


Hypnosis 9


Imagen via Sofía Vergara/Instagram

She likes sweets so much that she considered going to a hypnotist to break her addiction. I hope she tells us the name if she finds someone!

Why she named her son Manolo 10

Why she named her son Manolo

Image via Manolo Vergara/Instagram

Sofia has confessed she named her son after the Steven Bauer character in Scarface. In her defense, she was only 19.