disliked latina in americaI'm on her team all the way, but to my surprise, not everybody likes her...or, very likely, her characters in Devious Maids and Jane The Virgin. You won't believe who is the only Latina in Q Scores' list of the 10 most disliked celebs in America. See who else received the unfortunate designation. 

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Image via Lifetime TV/Alicia Civita

Judy Reyes 1

Judy Reyes

Image via LifetimeTV

Maybe it's because of her character, Zoila, and her lies about the pregnancy in Devious Maids. Or, perhaps, it's because she kicked   Rogelio out of his telenovela in Jane the Virgin, but Judy Reyes is in the dog house with fans and is the only Latina/o on the list.


NeNe Leakes 2

NeNe Leakes

Image via Getty Images

She thought the bad energy would end now that she is out of The Real House Wifes of Atlanta, but NeNe Leakes still manages to upset and annoy people. 


Paula Deen 3

Paula Deen

Image via The Food Network

Out of sight, but not forgotten. The celebrity chef can't seem to win back America's love after pushing high-fat meals while endorsing a diabetes drug and for her racist comments. 

Miley Cyrus 4

Miley Cyrus

Image via YouTube

I wish I could say this is unfair, but....


Robert Griffin 5

Robert Griffin

Image via The Redskins

The NFL star lost traction with fans in 2013. It's his knee (and everything else), people!


Adrian Peterson 6

Adrian Peterson

Image via Getty Images

If it was up to me, he would be on this list forever. How can America forget how he left his son with marks after he beat him with a branch?



Robin Thicke 7

Robin Thicke

Image via Interscope

From love to hate in less than a NY minute. Scandal, divorce, lawsuits, all of that after the success of "Blurred Lines".

Ariana Grande 8

Ariana Grande

Image via Republic

She fell from America's graces quickly. What happened to her?



Dr. Oz 9

Dr. Oz

Image via The Doctor Oz Show


He's been accused of putting ratings and money before medicine. 

Bill Cosby 10

Bill Cosby

Image via Getty Images

Not surprising, after what we now know about him.