Family love is real, and nobody knows that better than celebs who lean on their familia for support. Selena Gomez showed off a photo on Instagram with her tios. She's not the only one. From Sofia Vergara showering her mini me with love or J. Lo wishing her papi a Happy Father's Day, here are our favorite celebs and their biggest family supporters. 

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Photo via sofiavergara/Instagram

Selena Gomez & her uncles 1

Selena Gomez & her uncles

Photo via selenagomez/Instagram

Selena Gomez, who just got her first major executive producer credit when Netflix greenlit series 13 Reasons Why, warmed our heart with this caption:

These two though. My uncles/big brothers/advisors/heroes/bffs forever and ever! So grateful I have the best fans and family that celebrate with me ☺️


Jennifer Lopez & her dad 2

Jennifer Lopez & her dad

Photo via jlo/Instagram



Ricky Martin & his sons 3

Ricky Martin & his sons

Photo via ricky_martin/Instagram

My everything.

Gina Rodriguez & her grandmother 4

Gina Rodriguez & her grandmother

Photo via hereisgina/Instagram

My Abuelita linda, is a strong mother, daughter, sister, friend, activist, fights for those that are voiceless and helps those that are in need. She fought for Vieques, marched with Pedro Albizu Campo, champions the human race and contributes to her Island of Puerto Rico. This woman gives of herself for nothing in return, she is my hero. #hispanicheritagehero #EdithMartinez


Sofia Vergara & her cousin 5

Sofia Vergara & her cousin

Photo via sofiavergara/Instagram

@cdvergara mini me #home


Mario Lopez & his dad 6

Mario Lopez & his dad

Photo via mariolopezextra/Instagram

What a comeback! Down 21-3 & came up with the W... My dad is fired up @Chargers #WhiteHotSunday #BoltUp


Christina Aguilera & her mom 7

Christina Aguilera & her mom

Photo via xtina/Twitter

Love being able to do this with my own daughter now. Can't wait to see ya soon mama! Love you tons!! xo #TBT

Demi Lovato & her great-grandmother 8

Demi Lovato & her great-grandmother

Photo via ddlovato/Instagram

Got to cuddle for hours while taking a nap with my Mimaw today. This woman is an ANGEL. Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with them so this has been a very painful experience. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do was hold her during my Papa's funeral. Over 54 years together, they were the definition of soulmates. His last words were even "I love you." My heart was in pieces this past week having to say goodbye to him and watching her breakdown several times was probably the most gut wrenching thing I've ever witnessed. But even though she's devastated she keeps telling me "I'm gonna be okay." This woman right here is my WORLD and at 93 years old she is the strongest woman I know. Watching her strength has given me the inspiration to keep powering through life's most difficult obstacles and conquer them with grace. I love you Mimaw.. SO much. And RIP Papa.. You are so loved and so missed by so many.. P.S. My dear Lovatics, please pray for her. She is heartbroken but when I told her there were millions of people praying for her, she smiled.... Thank you all for the love and support.. 


Fergie & her dad 9

Fergie & her dad

Photo via Fergie/Instagram

#HappyFathersDay Dad! Does this remind you of Jagger and Axl? xoxo

Gisele & her sister 10

Gisele & her sister

Photo via Gisele/Instagram

Feliz aniversário Gabitcha! Obrigada por tua dedicação, suporte e amor. Obrigada por sempre estar ao meu lado, me defendendo e me fazendo rir. O mundo é um lugar melhor porque estás nele.Te amo muito.#família #amor #anjodaguarda #irmã ❤️👯🎈🎂Happy birthday Gabi! Thank you for your dedication , support and love. Thank you for always being by my side , defending me and making me laugh.The world is a better place because your are in it. I love you so much.#love #family #sister #guardianangel


Jessica Alba & her mom 11

Jessica Alba & her mom

Photo via jessicaalba/Instagram

W my sweet mamacita @cathyalba at work today -she's always laying down wisdom on me -whether I like it or not 😜 #pearlsofmylife #PearlXChange

Mariah Carey & her kids 12

Mariah Carey & her kids

Photo via mariahcarey/Instagram



Naya Rivera & her brother 13

Naya Rivera & her brother

Photo via nayarivera/Instagram

@mychalrivera I love you so much! I look so uncomfortable in this pic haha but I've gotten used to having you around since 😘

Zoe Saldana & her family 14

Zoe Saldana & her family

Photo via zoesaldana/Instagram

#familyfridays love love and more love! Send me your family photo with #familyfriday and @zoesaldana for a like back! Feliz fin de semana!