shakiraShakira! ¿Qué te pasó? After promising that she wouldnt use her children for money and being super careful with photos of her sons, Milan and Sasha, the Colombian singer posted a gorgeus pic of her adorable two to promote ... well, you'll have to see for yourself. Although I'm dissapointed with her, I do adore seeing the Piqué brothers, they're just TOO much. Check out their latest photo and some others that will melt your heart.

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Image via YouTube

Shakira and her "Love Gurus" 1

Shakira and her

Image via Shakira/Facebook

"With my two real gurus Love Rocks Starring Shakira," Shaki wrote in Facebook as a caption to this image. However, the cutie pies aren't on the video. So disappointed!


Shakira's game 2

Shakira's game

Image via Shakira Love Rocks

After being an Angry Bird, Shakira has now her own game in an app. It's called Love Rocks and that is what all the fuss was about. It's free and it's fun. I played and loved it.



Sasha at the UN 3

Sasha at the UN

Image via Shakira/Facebook

Gorgeous Sasha went with Mami to NYC on September 25, 2015, to bring a book with 10 million signatures requesting universal education in the world.

Their first image together 4

Their first image together

Image via shakiraworldfr/Instagram

Aren't they adorable?


My baby and blue skies 5

My baby and blue skies

Image via Shakira/Facebook

In August 2015, the proud mamá published this cute picture of Sasha.


Happy 5 months Sasha 6

Happy 5 months Sasha

Image via Shakira/Facebook

I think it's safe to say that Shakira is head over heels in love with her baby.


Celebrating 7


Image via Gerard Piqué/Facebook

After winning the Champions League, soccer player and daddy Gerard Piqué posted is special image with his sons.

Proud daddy 8

Proud daddy

Image via Gerard Pique/Instagram

In June, 2015, Gerard Piqué melted all his fans hearts with this photo.


We agree 9

We agree

Image via Gerard Piqué /Facebook

"I have the cutest family," wrote Piqué, and he does!

Lindo Milan 10

Lindo Milan

Image via Shakira/Instagram

Even before Sasha was born, Shakira's boys had us all in love.


Sasha in the oven 11

Sasha in the oven

Image via Getty Images

Milan ran to hug his mami after her performance in the oppening ceremony of the World Cup in 2014. Little did we know then that Shakira was already pregnant with her second boy.