Victor Cruz's fiancée, Elaina Watley, handles his rumored cheating in the worst way possible

victor cruzVictor Cruz may have some explaining to do. The NFL star's fiancée, Elaina Watley, reportedly sent a mass text telling off all the women he has been playing around with--and there were many! While it's a ballsy move, and if the rumors are true, makes us sad, but I sort of wish she'd gone for the old fashioned way of dumping him and moving on...


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Watley and Cruz have been dating since 2003 and got engaged last summer. The low-key couple never made headlines in the past for any drama in their relationship, even though Elaina is his manager. A screenshot of a text message obtained by MediaTakeOut tells a different story, though. The image, allegedly from Cruz's fiancee (or maybe ex-fiancee by now, if all this is true), is of a group text message to several women and Victor Cruz, sent on October 6:

elaina watley text

Wow! Granted, the couple hasn't come out to confirm or deny the text or the cheating scandal--and we aren't sure how credible the source is, but this sure is crazy ... and silence speaks volumes. Watley and Cruz have a 3-year-old daughter together, and as a mom, I'm sure she's trying to keep her family intact while holding on to her dignity. The issue is that she's leaving out the one true person that has any obligation to her--Victor. 

Instead of focusing on these women, Watley should be setting up a game plan to set him straight, dump his behind and have him salsa dance to that. Punto

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