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Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner has surely earned her nickname "King Kylie," because she definitely lives like she's royalty. She is all about living the good life, and she has the bank account to prove it. With her Kylie Cosmetics brand now being worth $1 billion, she's earned the right to treat herself to all the finer things in life.

The makeup mogul's family has built an empire in part thanks to the success of their reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in which Kylie has starred since she was a child. During that time, the family has racked up all sorts of business deals and partnerships that have allowed Kylie to grow up surrounded by only the finer things in life.

Even before she turned 18, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister had already dropped $2.7 million on a mansion in Calabasas, California. Now she's become a mini real estate mogul herself, selling and buying homes much more expensive than that. The businesswoman and her boyfriend, superstar rapper Travis Scott, purchased a Beverly Hills mansion worth $13 million! Now, that's an upgrade!

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Not only is she an expert at buying homes, but she also has a passion for cars--but only when it comes to the best of the best. Kylie is known to ride around in some of the most luxurious cars money can buy, and she's also gotten some pretty fancy ones as gifts. What do you give a girl who has everything? A little more of what she already has! The best part is that she is also super generous with her loved ones, giving them the best gifts and parties money can buy

Kylie has been wearing clothing from the best and most highly respected designers in the fashion industry for years, and her closet is full of purses and jewelry that would satisfy just about any girl who loves that sort of thing. From flying in private jets and taking trips to Paris to secret tropical getaways with her man and her friends, Kylie knows what it's like to live a life full of things that most people can only dream about. Scroll through to take a look at just a few examples of just how lavish Kylie's life really is.

A regular boat is not enough for Kylie. 1

For her 22nd birthday in August 2019, Kylie spent a few days aboard a multimillion-dollar super-yacht that she rented for her friends and family. Look at that view!


She is used to being spoiled with diamonds. 2

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and boyfriend Travis Scott knows it. He surprised her with a gorgeous diamond necklace inspired by her Kylie Cosmetics logo for her 22nd birthday. 


Imagine flying on a plane with your name on it. 3

Kylie took her closest friends on a private jet to a tropical vacation and the pink-and-white plane was decorated with the name of her skin care line, Kylie Skin.

Kylie loves to show off her cars. 4

All of them! Kylie loves luxury cars, and this photo shows just how stacked her driveway is with the best of the best rides.


Kylie and her beau live such a wonderful life. 5

Look at this view! They jetted off to Italy for Kylie's birthday and shared some gorgeous photos. Kylie clearly enjoyed the city, walking around Positano with her daughter and her beau.


A business mogul needs her rest and relaxation. 6

Kylie knows how to vacation the right way. Blue water, clear skies, big floppy hats, and a fun and sexy bathing suit are always a good idea.


Kylie had a special Valentine's Day surprise. 7

A simple dozen roses isn't enough for Kylie. Travis went all out for his Valentine's Day surprise and decked out her living room in heart-shaped rose arrangements and candles. This is SO romantic.

Kylie's daughter's first birthday wasn't at all average. 8

The young billionaire threw a massive party for her daughter's first birthday, and it was insane! There were so many different activities and rooms filled with massive decorations, it was pretty over-the-top. But when you're that rich, celebrating in a major way is no big deal.


Kylie looks so at peace while on a yacht with her little one. 9

Kylie works hard, but she also knows a thing or two about relaxation, and this photo is proof. Her baby, a boat, a gorgeous view, and a Birkin bag--what more do you need?

Even going to the movies becomes a huge event when you're Kylie. 10

To celebrate the release of Avengers: Endgame in April 2019the little family was decked out in custom-made superhero costumes to match their red Lamborghini. How much more extra can you get?


They fly in style. 11

Travis and Kylie's couples pics put other lovebirds to shame. This one of them kissing outside their private jet just called us all "poor."

Kylie knows how to make a man feel special. 12

For his birthday in 2019, Kylie had a cake custom-made into the shape of the Air Jordan sneaker Travis helped design. The cutest part is that there's a baby Stormi climbing up the shoe. So adorable!


She did not spare any expense for Travis' birthday in 2019. 13

She did not spare any expense for Travis' birthday in 2019.

Travis Scott/Instagram

It's not every day your beau turns 28, and she made sure to spoil him with so much love. She gifted him a gorgeous silver Lamborghini, and it was to die for.

Renting out a billboard to send a birthday message definitely beats a birthday card. 14

Kylie definitely outdid any card Hallmark has on the market with this billboard. She used a photo of Stormi and one of herself with Stormi to wish her man a happy birthday. So sweet!


Kylie got a classic vintage car for her 21st birthday. 15

Travis went all out for his bae's birthday in August 2018. He decorated the outside of their home with pink flowers and surprised her with a white vintage Rolls Royce sitting on their driveway. 

Kylie is not your average mom, so you know her mommy gifts are insane. 16

For a push present for giving birth to Stormi, Travis surprised his girl in February with a stunning black $1.4 million Ferrari LaFerrari with butterfly doors. Kylie definitely found herself a man who is on her level.


She flies in style, all the time. 17

It is common to see the star fly to Miami for a day, then head to New York, just to end up back home in California the following day. It's easy when you can easily hop on a private jet to take you anywhere you want in the world, without worrying about picking up your luggage from baggage claim.

Her little girl will probably never step foot on a commercial flight. 18

The young mamá is showing her daughter the ropes early on! Just like Kylie, Stormi will soon get used to flying on strictly private jets. With two successful and rich parents like hers, there are no economy flights in her future.


Renting out a whole yacht just for her and her bae is no problem. 19

For Travis' 27th birthday in April 2018, the new parents took some time off to go for a romantic and tropical baecation. The lovebirds enjoyed a day on a gorgeous yacht, and life looked so simple and beautiful for them.

Luxury cars are a must-have for Kylie. 20

Most women her age own a used car or still take public transportation! When she was a teen, Kylie owned several cars, including this Range Rover worth $41,000. Must be nice!


She changes her cars' colors like it's nothing. 21

Kylie had her Mercedes-Benz truck and her Lamborghini wrapped in an orange color, and she said it was, "just for the summer." Switching your car's color just for a season? Casual.

There are only iconic designers on her call list. 22

Kylie has been dressed by some of the most famous and highly respected designers in the fashion industry. Alexander Wang chose her to wear his design at the 2018 Met Gala, and she looked amazing.


Kylie and boyfriend Travis dropped a whole lot of money for their new home. 23

The makeup guru and the rapper purchased a home worth $13 million in 2018. The stunning Beverly Hills mansion has seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, and it's a real estate dream.

She's always dripping head to toe in designer threads. 24

No one expected Kylie to shop at the baby section of Target once she had Stormi, so seeing that even her baby's carriage is Fendi is no surprise to us. Stormi is already living her life like the daughter of a true billionaire.


Her lip fillers might've caused some controversy, but she paid the price for them. 25

It's no secret that the teen is a huge fan of lip fillers. This cosmetic treatment runs between $500 to $600 each session. 

Kylie went from living in her mom's house to a mansion. 26

Kylie purchased a fancy $2.7 million mansion in her hometown of Calabasas, California, in 2015. The house included 5 bedrooms and 5½ bathrooms. 


Trips abroad are taken regularly when you're a young mogul. 27

Lavish getaways don't break the bank when you live in Kylie's world. She vacationed in Punta Mita, Mexico, in 2015 with her then-boyfriend, Tyga. 

Kylie is known as one of the best dressed and trendiest celebrities out there. 28

The youngest Kardashian has a wardrobe that most women would envy. Her favorite leather moto jacket by Acne Studios is reportedly worth $1,600. Her Seven for All Mankind jeans also run upward of $210. That's just a glimpse of the designer threads she has hanging in her walk-in closet that she probably only wears once or twice. 


Even her swimwear is top notch. 29

Even Kylie's bathing suits are super expensive! Believe it or not, one of her bathing suits by Agent Provocateur costs $450. 

She spares no expense when it comes to her jewelry. 30

Kylie is a huge fan of Cartier jewelry, which costs a pretty penny! Her rose gold band with diamonds is worth about $10,000--and that's just one ring! She has been known to wear multiple Cartier Love bracelets on her wrists, and each is worth thousands. She's also a fan of Lorraine Schwartz, one of the top celebrity jewelry designers in the world.


Kylie has a thing for designer heels. 31

This is a shoe lover's dream! Kylie purchased the shoes on the ground on a single afternoon shopping spree. She has been wearing Christian Louboutins since she first began wearing heels, and now she has a closet just for her shoes.

Designer purses are her thing. 32

For her birthday one year, Kylie was given a chocolate-colored Hermés Birkin bag. The price for these designer purses starts at $12,000. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. One look inside Kylie's purse closet--yes, she has a walk-in strictly reserved for her handbags--and you'll see that Birkins are her favorite (because she has multiple), but she has bags from nearly every high-end designer. 


How often she changes her hair is proof that she has money to burn. 33

Kylie is all about rocking wigs. She often switches up her look, no matter what it costs. Her own hair extension line isn't cheap, either. Each order will run you $250. 

She throws the most epic birthday parties. 34

Kylie had a star-studded Barbie-themed 21st birthday bash at Delilah in West Hollywood in August 2018, and the party was so insanely extravagant that it was estimated to cost more than $300,000.


Not only does she throw the most extravagant birthday parties, she also gets paid for them. 35

The Kardashians are known for getting paid to party, and Kylie is no different. According to E!, she earned between $80,000 and $120,000 for her 18th birthday party in Canada.