Remember when Marc Anthony was married to Dayanara Torres, then we learned he was with Jennifer López? What about when we all fell in love with Brad Pitt y Jennifer Aniston, but felt the heartbreak when a famous actress entered the picture? These are just a few examples of cheating celebs who've stayed with their lovers. 

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Marc Anthony & Dayanara Torres 1

Marc Anthony & Dayanara Torres

Image via Mezcalent

The singer and the 2003 Miss Universe seemed like a happy couple ever since their marriage in 2000. They had two beautiful boys: Ryan and Christian. Their love story was straight out of a fairy tale... until someone intruded.


Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez 2

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez

Image via Mezcalent

It was none other than Jennifer López who intervened in the marriage. At the end of the 90s J. Lo and Marc Anthony filmed a video together, and, well, Cupid shot his arrow. Their relationship obviously blossomed while Marc Anthony was still married. Eventually, J.Lo and Marc Anthony had twins, Max and Emme. In the end, Marc and Jennifer ended up separated. 


Tom Brady & Bridget Moynahan 3

Tom Brady & Bridget Moynahan

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I was sad when I heard that Tom Brady was leaving his wife, Bridget Moynahan, after two years of marriage. She was pregnant, no less! Breaking up is hard, but imagine what the actress went through when she learned that the Patriots quarterback was leaving her for the Brazilian model, Gisele Bündchen.

What a stab in the back! Sadly, she went through the pregnancy and delivery alone. Brady does, however, maintain a relationship with his son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan.

Juan Collado & Leticia Calderón 4

Juan Collado & Leticia Calderón

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I can't think of a sadder story than what happened to Leticia Calderón with and her ex Juan Collado.  In 2007, she was hospitalized and needed knee surgery. Collado thought that was a great time to abandon his home to live with his mistress, actress Yhadira Carrillo.


Gaby Espino & Jencarlos Canela 5

Gaby Espino & Jencarlos Canela

Image via Mezcalent

They were the perfect couple. Or so we thought. A gorgeous, young, and talented duo. They met while they filmed the telenovela Más Sabe El Diablo. Their romance blossomed and soon they became parents. Rumor has it that Espino was not exactly single and was also seeing actor Cristobal Lander, who's also her baby's daddy.  Obviously, the Espino-Canela relationship did not make it far. 


Gael García Bernal & Natalie Portman 6

Gael García Bernal & Natalie Portman

Image via Natalie Portman/Instagram, Mezcalent

The love triangle repeats itself. This time with Gael García Bernal, who was with Natalie Portman. Enter Dolores Fonzi, the woman who had him head over heels. They were married for five years and had two children. 


Niurka Marcos & Juan Osorio 7

Niurka Marcos & Juan Osorio

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Their relationship has been controversial since it began in 1996. Niurka Marcos and Juan Osorio lived together and separated so many times until their nasty breakup in 2003. It wasn't long before both engaged in insulting each other. There was also another player in this drama: Bobby Larios, the handsome actor who was in the telenovela El Velo de Novia, with Osorio. Larios and Marcos married in 2004, and were divorcing two years later because of another scandal. In the end, Larios was even apologizing to Osorio! 

Ana de la Reguera & Jorge Ramos 8

Ana de la Reguera & Jorge Ramos

Image via Mezcalent

In 2011, Ana de la Reguera opened up about being a victim of infidelity. Her boyfriend of five years, Jorge Ramos, had cheated on her. Not too long after, we'd see the journalist spending time with Chiquinquirá Delgado. They'd eventually confirm that they were a couple. 


David Bisbal & Chenoa 9

David Bisbal & Chenoa

Image via Mezcalent

They seemed like the perfect couple. That was until Elena Tablada entered the picture. In 2010, Tablada had a child with Bisbal. 

Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith 10

Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith

Image via Mezcalent/El Espectador/Twitter

We were all stunned to learn that Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith were calling it quits. They'd been together for 18 years! But he was moving on with Nicole Kimpel, who is 20 years younger than Banderas. 


Rafa Márquez & Adriana Lavat 11

Rafa Márquez & Adriana Lavat

Image via México

Adriana Lavat suffered so much when her husband, footbal player Rafa Márquez, met a woman who swept him off his feet. The woman's name Jaydy Michel caused Lavat lots of pain and heartbreak over their torn family. 

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston 12

Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston

Imágenes vía Splash, Mezcalent

Between 1998 and 2004, they were the perfect couple. There were sparks in 2004 between Pitt and Angelina Jolie while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The chemistry turned into a full blown relationship --and led to Aniston's and Pitt's divorce-- that continues to this day.