donald trumpDonald Trump is on a lot of people's crap list, including mine, after his ridiculous anti-immigration speech last week. He specifically narrowed in on Latinos and disgustingly labeled Mexicans as "rapists" and people who bring "crime and drugs." While listening to him vomit his words, I just couldn't believe Trump was given the mic in the first place and seriously announcing his run for presidency. The internet agreed with me and several hilarious memes surfaced putting Trump in his place. Here are some of the funniest Donald Trump memes out there! 

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Birdman sets him straight 1

Birdman sets him straight

Image via ForoTV/Twitter

I never pictured Donald Trump in comic book form so this is pretty genius. The billionaire gets a slap from Birdman after he says, "There's no business to be done in Mexico, they swindle the U.S." This meme says it all! 


The clowning continues 2

The clowning continues

Image via ForoTV/Twitter

The cover of The New York Daily News showcased Trump as a clown, which inspired creative memes like this one. This time he's serious, but everyone just takes him as a joke! 


Donald Trump for? 3

Donald Trump for?

Image via Sahel/Twitter

Judging by his crazy speech, you may think Trump is running for dictator, king or emperor. He should have worn this outfit during his "performance." 

Bankrupted how many times?! 4

Bankrupted how many times?!

Image via Florida Squeezed/Twitter

This meme hits right where it hurts and captures the irony of his speech. From job employment to bankruptcy, this is all too true. 


But he liked Ximena Navarrete 5

But he liked Ximena Navarrete

Image via Twitter

When Ximena Navarrete won Miss Universe in 2010, Trump seemed to love Mexico. What happened? 


The time has come... 6

The time has come...

Image via Pop Dust/Twitter

From the moment Trump opened his mouth and started bashing Mexico, we all knew that the memes were going to come flooding in. Rightfully so! 


The BS meter 7

The BS meter

Image via Sahel/Twitter

This is how most people felt while listening to Trump's speech, which included him saying that Mexicans are "rapists." The BS meter is on high! 

If Carlos Slim could speak 8

If Carlos Slim could speak

Image via Twitter

Slim was ranked the richest person in the world in 2013. He has more coins than Trump and this meme makes that loud and clear. "Donald Trump thinks Mexicans are idiots, but he doesn't know he works for me," it reads. 


Stupid face 9

Stupid face

Image via Sahel/Twitter

This meme doesn't need any words. Trump's facial expressions are less than desirable and the sketch on the right looks pretty close to the real deal. 

Business in Mexico 10

Business in Mexico

Image via Twitter

Tell them how you really feel, Trump! The meme reads, "There's no business to be done in Mexico...there's nothing to sell there!" Right...