father's dayThe dads in our lives were honored in a big way for Father's Day! Whether it was a barbecue, brunch or special dinner, we made sure to make the papis in our lives feel loved. Celebrities did exactly the same and made sure to give their social media shout-outs to the special men in their lives. Jennifer Lopez shared this sweet photo with her dad David while Toni Costa posted this too- cute-for-words photo of baby Alaïa. Of course, they weren't the only ones! We are highlighting celebs who paid tribute to their dads in the best way possible. I'm pretty sure some of these will even make you cry! 

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Images via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram, Adamari Lopez/Instagram

Adamari López and Toni Costa 1

Adamari López and Toni Costa

Image via Adamari Lopez/Instagram

The famous dancer celebrated his first Father's Day with his beautiful daughter Alaïa. Adamari Lopez paid tribute to her husband-to-be and wrote, "Thanks for taking care of us and loving us so much." How sweet! 


Becky G 2

Becky G

Image via Becky G/Instagram

The California-based rapper is a daddy's girl at heart. She shared this throwback and wrote, "Happy Father's Day pops." She was adorable as a baby! 


Gisele Bundchen 3

Gisele Bundchen

Image via Gisele Bundchen/Instagram

The Brazilian model paid tribute to her husband Tom Brady for Father's Day. He posed with his three children John, Ben and Vivian. "We love you," she wrote. 

Jessica Alba 4

Jessica Alba

Image via Jessica Alba/Instagram

The Latina entrepreneur shared this sweet photo of her daughters Honor and Haven and husband Cash Warren. What a lovely family!


Lupillo and Pedro Rivera 5

Lupillo and Pedro Rivera

Image via Lupillo Rivera/Instagram

Jenni Rivera's brother honored his dad with a lengthy message on Instagram. In part, he wrote, "Happy Father's Day to the man who has given me life lessons. I worked really hard by his side since I was a kid...I'm so proud to call you my old man." 


Esteban Loaiza 6

Esteban Loaiza

Image via Esteban Loaiza/Twitter

Jenni Rivera's ex shared this family photo with his new love Cristina Eustace and son Esteban Andrés Loaiza. "With my beautiful family I love so much," he shared.  


Mario Lopez 7

Mario Lopez

Image via Mario Lopez/Instagram

The Extra host shared a Flipcam collage of his beautiful family including wife Courtney and kids Gia and Dominic. "These kids are my everything. Thank you for making me the man that I am. So blessed," he shared. 

Jencarlos Canela 8

Jencarlos Canela

Image via Jencarlos Canela/Instagram

It was all about the kicks for the Cuban actor! He shared this photo with his son Nickolas and wrote, "Thank you for making me a better man. I walk through life the way I do bc I know you're walking beside me."


Dulce María 9

Dulce María

Image via Dulce María/Instagram

The Mexican pop star loves her daddy more than anything! She shared this flashback pic and wrote, "Thanks for all of the strength you've given me and the lessons you teach me everyday, dad."

Sebastián Rulli 10

Sebastián Rulli

Image via Sebastián Rulli/Instagram

Rulli celebrated the big day with his pals Carlos Vargas Del Villar, Enrique Vargas del Villar and Bruno Belsasso Minvielle. Looks like they had a great time! 


Chayanne 11


Image via Chayanne/Instagram

The Puerto Rican shared a throwback photo with his kids Lorenzo Valentino and Isadora. "There's no greater blessing in life than being a father," he wrote. 

Yandel 12


Image via Yandel/Instagram

The Puerto Rican reggaetonero wore a t-shirt to show his love for the special day. "Being a dad is the best thing that has happened in my life! Life blessed me with two great sons and father; Adrian, Dereck and Julio Veguilla," he shared. 


Galilea Montijo 13

Galilea Montijo

Image via Galilea Montijo/Twitter

The actress and host enjoyed the special day by watching "The Lion King" with her family. Looks like a blast! 

Ana Patricia 14

Ana Patricia

Image via Ana Patricia/Twitter

Patricia shared this intimate photo of her partner Luis Carlos and daughter Giulietta. "I love watching my two loves meet eyes and share special moments," she wrote on Twitter. 


Cesar Millan 15

Cesar Millan

Image via Cesar Milian/Facebook

The Dog Whisper loves his sons more than anything! He wrote, "When I think of fathers, I of course think of my own, and I also think of the joy that I feel in being a father to two wonderful sons, Andre and Calvin." 

Martin Fuentes 16

Martin Fuentes

Image via Martin Fuentes/Instagram

Jacqueline Bracamontes husband loves playtime with daughter Mini Jacky. "Like father, like daughter," he wrote. 


Jacqueline Bracamontes 17

Jacqueline Bracamontes

Image via Jacqueline Bracamontes/Instagram

The Mexican star loves her family more than anything! She shared this Father's Day shout out with an adorable photo of Jacky and Carolina. 

Aaron Díaz 18

Aaron Díaz

Image via Aaron Diaz/Instagram

The 33-year-old dad loves spending quality time with his little one Erin. He shared that she surprised him with breakfast in bed. So cute!  


Alan Tacher and his dad 19

Alan Tacher and his dad

Image via Alan Tacher/Instagram

The morning show host celebrated Father's Day with his son Alex and dad. "Three generations celebrating together," he wrote. 

Juanes 20


Image via Juanes/Instagram

The Colombian singer shared this photo with his son Dante and wrote, "In what moment do our kids grow up? I feel like this just happened." We can all relate! 


Cristián de la Fuente 21

Cristián de la Fuente

Image via Cristian de la Fuente/Instagram

The Latino actor gave a sweet shout out to his daughter Laura. "Conversations with my daughter and celebrating my day," he shared. 

Raúl de Molina 22

Raúl de Molina

Image via Raúl de Molina/Instagram

The television host loves sharing special moments with his daughter Mia. She made this card herself! What a sense of humor. 


Jennifer López 23

Jennifer López

Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

J.Lo will forever be a daddy's girl. I'm sure her dad David is so proud! They look so much alike, right? 

Chiqui Delgado 24

Chiqui Delgado

Image via Chiqui Delgado/Instagram

Delgado spent the day with her love Jorge Ramos. Look at all of that happiness on her face! 


Alejandro Fernández 25

Alejandro Fernández

Image via Alejandro Fernández/Instagram

The famous singer decided to pay tribute to his five children Alejandro Jr, America, Camila, Emiliano and Valentina. They are probably singing one of his hits! 

Vicente Fernández 26

Vicente Fernández

Image via Alejandro Fernandez/Instagram

Alejandro also honored his dad with this timeless photo. "I say it with lots of pride, I have the best dad in the world," he wrote. 


Génesis Rodríguez 27

Génesis Rodríguez

Image via Génesis Rodríguez/Instagram

Rodriguez is all about her daddy El Puma! "The best dad in the world. I love you daddy," she wrote. 

Gabriel Soto 28

Gabriel Soto

Image via Gabriel Soto/Instagram

This is probably one of the sweetest photos of Soto with his daughters Elissa and Alexa. Now that's a happy dad! 


Luis Fonsi 29

Luis Fonsi

Image via Luis Fonsi/Instagram

Fonsi's daughter, nicknamed Mika, can't have a better daddy. Look at how he looks at her! Now that's love. 

William Levy 30

William Levy

Image via William Levy/Instagram

The Cuban actor showed off his kids' Christopher and Kailey's gifts for Father's Day. They gave him beautiful cards that I'm sure he'll treasure forever.