Jacqueline Bracamontes reveals the truth about her husband's cheating rumors

jacqueline bracamontesDon't mess with Jacqueline Bracamontes, her family or her man. The Nuestra Belleza Latina host has put on a good face despite rumors that her husband Martin Fuentes got a little too wet and wild while vacationing solo in Cancun, Mexico two months ago. Photos surfaced of Fuentes getting close and flirty with a mystery woman. Since then, Bracamontes has silently stood by her husband. She's finally breaking her silence and explaining once and for all why the cheating rumors didn't rock her marriage. I'm not buying his excuse for a second! 


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Jacky explained that her husband was being extorted for the inappropriate photos that were snapped during his trip. I wonder how he managed to bring up that issue in conversation. Perhaps he said something crazy like, 'Honey, by the way I was snapped flirting with a blonde woman and now they want me to pay for the images so this doesn't get leaked.'

I would slap my husband! Bracamontes has the patience of an angel. She explained on Sal y Pimienta, "I knew that the photos existed, we spoke about it and he told me his conscience was clean. I told him, 'Then don't pay for the photos!'" That is a blind and innocent love right there! How could his conscience be clean if he did something that would embarrass his wife and his family? Perhaps he didn't have an affair, but that's not the only form of cheating.

Fuentes also told his understanding wife that he was celebrating a friend's bachelor party and he was just getting a little loose like most men do. Jacky explains, "He told me, 'I was at a bachelor party, I took of my shirt and we were partying and I was drinking and it was like normal' like what all men do at a bachelor party." No, hijo! That's not what married men should do at bachelor parties.

I don't think he should be forgiven just because he was celebrating that occasion. A man's integrity should be counted on by how he acts when you aren't around. He needs to have a little more respect for his wife and Jacky needs to check him for what he did wrong. It sounds like she rather just sweep it under the rug. 

"I'm at peace in my marriage. Obviously, it bothers you when people think otherwise, but I've been in this business a long time and I learned to let rumors slide. My priority is my family and my kids. Nothing is going to ruin our happiness and unity we have as a family," she said. Point taken! I just hope she teaches Fuentes not to make the same mistake twice. 

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