Jennifer Lopez may want more kids & that's why she's back with Casper Smart!

jennifer lopez casper smartJennifer Lopez seems to be having a bipolar relationship with Casper Smart. One minute they're broken up and the next she wants to have his baby. I never suspected that J.Lo would want to start a family with the professional choreographer. After all, she already has her lovely 7-year-old coconuts Max and Emme. Why would she want to start fresh at 45? According to InTouch she has her reasons and it says a lot about her love for the Smart. 


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According to the tabloid, J.Lo wants to get married and start a family with her young boyfriend. A source close to the Boricua pop star revealed that she's ready for a new chapter in her life and has been missing marriage for quite some time. We all know that Lopez loves to be in love and she has never closed the door to getting married again. Remember, she wants to dance, love and dance again.

At this point, I'm sure the twins spend more time with Smart than they do with their actual dad Marc Anthony. He attended the Home premiere with J.Lo and the kiddies and they recently went off to vacation in Mexico together. Smart is their constant fatherly figure. I'm sure J.Lo has fallen in love with him even more because of how much the kids love him.

Since he's only 28, I'm sure he wants kids of his own and Lopez knows her biological clock is ticking. It all makes sense, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea. She should enjoy these years now that her kids are older. It's one thing to enjoy and value companionship and another to keep falling in love blindly and making similar mistakes. J.Lo doesn't need a husband. She just needs to realize that for herself. 

Just don't be surprised if she announces a bun in the oven by next year! 

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