Rodner Figueroa defends himself & says THIS is the real reason he was fired

rodner figueroaI'm speechless with what Rodner Figueroa's lawyer has said today about the fashionista's recent firing from Univision. Not only is he threatening the network, but he's also claiming that the real reason the Venezuelan host was fired was not what the network has said publicly. His remarks are so inconceivable that, if they're true, they'd be cause for a serious lawsuit, and if not that, at least a hefty fine. You'd better sit down for this!


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According to TMZ, Rodner Figueroa's attorney, Marty Singer, says Univision did not fire the host because of his supposed racist comment. He says it's clear that the comment about The Planet of the Apes was not directly aimed at First Lady Michelle Obama, but was in reference to the makeup artist's work, which he was talking about.

As proof of this, Singer alleges, Univision lied to Figueroa telling him that the decision came about after a direct ask from the First Lady's office. It's a lie, the White House never called, he says. This was also confirmed to People en Español by a high-level executive at Univision, who was not identified. Another proof of this is that the network didn't wait to investigate the incident.

Singer also says that Univision was waiting for the right moment to get rid of Rodner after execs there discovered that the fashionista was trying to organize a union to advocate for the rights of workers at the station. Could this be true? The truth is, it wouldn't surprise me.

The attorney is asking for an apology for Rodner and for the host to be reinstated in his old position. It's not like I know much about these things, but I think this is going to be hard. If any of this is even a little true, I see Univision paying the Venezuelan host a large sum of money. The only thing is that Rodner is going to have to prove all these allegations. ¡Qué escándalo!

If what Rodner and his attorney are alleging can be proven, we're looking at an epic injustice. So many people have accused Rodner Figueroa of being a racist, including some of his TV colleagues. So much bad-mouthing.

This all does not mean that the comment wasn't out of place. It was ugly, it lent itself to misunderstandings and he really has to learn to talk about celebs' looks without being disrespectful or glib. An apology might restore his image--and we know how much he needs that now.

This may become another huge mystery as to what happens between Univision and its talent. I just hope that if Rodner and his lawyer are telling the truth, he can come out of this with his head held high, without the label of racist and in a better position than he was before.

Image via Rodner Figueroa/Instagram

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