Chiquis & Rosie Rivera prove their drama with Lupillo isn't over

chiquis rivera and rosie riveraApparently, Rosie and Chiquis Rivera aren't fans of "El Rey De Los Borrachos." The famous relatives skipped out on attending one of Lupillo Rivera's performances, despite reportedly being invited. Rosie and Chiquis have had problems with Jenni Rivera's brother for quite some time now, but based on their exchanges in the media there was still some hope for reconciliation. It doesn't seem like that's going to happen anytime soon! Chiquis and Rosie both revealed their reasons for skipping Lupillo's show and their reasoning may surprise you. 


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Did Rosie and Chiquis purposefully skip out on Lupillo's concert? Bueno, Rosie's take on the entire event is interesting. She told Sal y Pimienta that Lupillo specifically called her and told her not to attend the performance because of limited seating. This excuse seems a little fishy to me. First off, I feel like Lupillo would make sure to make room for family. Secondly, it seems weird to call a relative to disinvite them to an event, no?

Chiquis didn't make it to the event either, but when asked she said she stayed updated by checking out photos on Instagram. She tried to keep the interview positive and said she was happy for her uncle, but you could definitely tell she was trying to be politically correct. I respect that since Chiquis is trying to avoid a war of words between them, but it makes me wonder whether this family will ever be able to reunite.

We all know that Lupillo hasn't been the most supportive to Chiquis or Rosie's careers. He always has something to say about Chiquis' singing skills and Rosie's hunger for fame. To me, they are just fed up and didn't want to support him. In the same token, they didn't want fans to think they were dissing Lupillo on purpose. It's a messy family situation that will only get better if they actually try to work on it without the media being involved. It would also help if they checked their egos at the door. With the Rivera family, that seems like a longshot.   

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