william levy and elizabeth gutierrezI swear Elizabeth Guiterrez and William Levy's relationship is one of the most confusing ones out there. It seems like they've been on and off-again so many times that I've lost count. The couple has reportedly decided to reconcile recently after their split last year. Of course, it was his rumored affair with former co-star Ximena Navarrete that caused all of the drama. I honestly thought she was going to be done for good! 


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It pleases me to know that Ximena is having a hard time with the split. You should never expect a cheating man to be loyal to you. Most likely you'll lose him the same way you managed to "get" him. That doesn't mean I'm thrilled for Elizabeth either. This woman has been through so much and it seems like she's not done as there's a lot of chatter that these two are back together!

I had to create a timeline to break down the many moments Elizabeth and William split and managed to reconcile. Trust me, this breaks it all down! 

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