La India María is battling cancer

Rumors are swirling that María Elena Velasco, who's well-known for her character as La India María, has been hospitalized and is battling cancer. Some reports are saying that the comedic actress underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumor from her stomach. They also state that she will have to continue cancer treatment to completely remove the cancerous cells from her body. But is this story true or is it just a figment of the tabloids' imagination?


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Conflicting news from her own family states that she's actually fine. In fact, her daughter-in-law Rosana Barro told reporters that Velasco was not sent to the hospital and that it's all gossip. She wouldn't give further information on what the real story is concerning her 74-year-old mother-in-law and refused to speak with media outlets at a later point in time. While we're all wondering if our beloved India María is fighting cancer or not, we can respect the family's wish for privacy during this time. Barron's refusal to give out any information to the media is understandable and if they are dealing with Velasco's failing health, they'll want some peace and clarity to figure out what their next steps should be.

Valasco, known for her roles in Las Delicias del Poder and 2014's La Hija de Montezuma, rose to fame in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s in movies about her beloved character, like El miedo no anda en burro and Ni de aquí ni de allá, movies that many of us grew up with as our parents watched the slapstick comedy--which often has deep social commentary--of this icon. She has two children, Ivan and Ivette, with her late husband Vladimiro Lipkies, who passed away 39 years ago.

So is Velasco perfectly healthy or is her family trying to hide her failing health from the public? Whatever the real story, we hope the actress is doing well or at least on the path to a smooth recovery. We can't wait to see her sheepish grin on the screen once again, continuing to make generations laugh at her silly antics.

Image via Televisa

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