Adamari López's father dies at 85

adamari lopez y papaIt's with huge sadness that we report that Adamari López's dad, Luis López, passed away last night in Puerto Rico. Our beloved Adamari, the Boricua actress and host of Telemundo's Un Nuevo Día, a columnist for us here at MamásLatinas and overall wonderful person, is in her last days of pregnancy and we're sad to see her go through such a difficult moment. Her dad was her light, we know that his passing is leaving a huge emptiness in her life. Here's all we know about her dad's tragic death...


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Luis López, who in life was the owner of the Carrasco López funeral home in Humacao, Puerto Rico, was 85 years old. He was hospitalized at Hospital Veteranos after suffering a heart attack, according to Puero Rican media reports and confirmed by his son Adalberto López. "Papi's lungs were full of water, he had pneumonia. His heart was weak, it just gave up, but we never thought that he'd go like this, so suddenly," Adamari's brother said.

Despite his advanced years, without a doubt Mr. López's death was shocking, leaving his family and the people of his town of Humacao in mourning. His services will be held at his own funeral home.

According to sources, Adamari flew immediately to Puerto Rico to say her last good-byes to her beloved dad. I'm so sorry about what she must be going through. Ada is a warrior, her spirit is unbreakable, but the pain must be unbearable, especially since just two years ago, she had to say good-bye to her mom also when she passed away. She's just weeks from welcoming her first daughter into the world and now she won't be able to meet her abuelo. Heartbreaking.

Adamari's relationship with her dad was truly special and she often spoke of it proudly. According to her, he was the one that called her to make sure she had woken up early to head to her job at Telemundo. I'm sure the mornings will never be the same again for Adamari, but one can only hope that she'll be able to find some comfort in the beautiful memories that her father left her.

It's very ironic that just the same day Ada lost her dad, Toni Costa, her fiance, tweeted these beautiful words: "We have such a short time to live, that if you blink, you miss it." So true! I'm glad Adamari had enough time with her dad to make her relationship with him strong.

On behalf of her team here at MamásLatinas, her family, we want to send her and Toni our deepest condolences in this difficult time.

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