Juanes will perform 1st Spanish-language song at the Grammys in 10 years

For the first time in 10 years, a Spanish language song will be performed at the Grammy awards. Although Colombian rock star, multiple Grammy winner and current nominee, Juanes has performed at the awards show once before, it was an English-Spanish version of another artist's song. This time, Juanes will perform his own song, which was co-written by fellow Latinos Fonseca, Descemer Bueno and Juan Luis Guerra. There hasn't been such a collaboration by Latino artists performed at the esteemed event since Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony sang "Escapemonos" back in 2005.


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I remember J Lo and Marc's performance like it was yesterday, because well, what a moment that was for us. Honestly, sometimes it feels lilke every success or big moment for Latinos in American entertainment is a win for the entire population of Latinos in the U.S., especially at an event like the Grammys which happens every single year, but only features Latinos and Spanish-language performances occasionally. Even Ricky Martin's legendary breakout Grammy peformance back in 1999 was of a mostly-English song off of a mostly-English album.

Juanes will sing the song "Juntos," from the Disney film "McFarland, USA." The film focuses on the relationship between a predominantly Latino high school track team and their relationship with their coach who sees potential in them that many have overlooked. I for one am excited to see a film that touches on the struggles of the Latino community in the U.S., something that I personally haven't seen much of in mainstream films and a topic that deserves some attention. We are after all the fastest growing minority population in the country, and Spanish is pretty much the unofficial second language of the U.S.

There are tons of Americans who don't even have Latin roots that speak or at least understand the language, so even though the Grammys are an English-language awards show that draws an English-speaking audience, there's no reason Spanish-language artists shouldn't be featured more often, especially if the music deserves recognition. I mean, even if you don't speak Spanish, music is universal and any audience should be able to appreciate Juanes' talent and the infectious beat and inspiring theme of "Juntos." 

Image via Instagram; video via YouTube

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