Elizabeth Gutiérrez and William Levy back together AGAIN?

william levy and elizabeth gutierrezPlease say it isn't so! Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy could have secretly gotten back together. We all know the Mexican beauty has a sweet spot for the Cuban casanova, but I thought she had gracefully moved on and decided to listen to her head instead of her heart. The longtime off and on-again couple were spotted partying at a Miami nightclub and, by the looks of it, Eli and Will's special flame hasn't been turned off just yet.


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tv y novelas

TV y Novelas published this grainy photo clearly showing Elizabeth and William partying alongside close friends at a Miami club called Segafredo. Many close sources are whispering that the couple never officially called it quits and are still very much on. Meanwhile on Instagram, Elizabeth has been posting girls' night out photos and family pics without Levy in the frame. Strange no? I don't think so.

It's not shocking to me if Elizabeth got back with William because she has been doing this for years. Bad habits are hard to break and clearly she has always had a weakness for the father of her two children, Christopher and Kailey. Maybe they're trying to work things out and rather not have the media all over their tail, which photographers seem to be doing anyway.

I just had higher hopes for Elizabeth. This relationship has been beaten to the ground with all of his cheating allegations. Also, he put a ring on it years ago and then never followed up. After a relationship of over 10 years, your man should be walking you down the aisle instead of causing controversy with his female costars. I don't get the catch, but I'm not the one in love with him either.

Elizabeth should proceed with caution and take care of her heart more. I bet it has been broken one too many times.

Image via Splash, TV y Novelas

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