luismi There's no denying that Luis Miguel has gotten around, but his player status may be hitting an expiration date. No, it isn't because he has finally met the love of his life and settled down. On the contrary, word is that he recently split from his girlfriend of two years, Kasia Sowinska. Many of his fans, or haters, are criticizing El Sol for gaining weight and sporting a bigger belly than usual on stage. Well that's just mean, but I'm sure all of his exes are chuckling to themselves. Except for one--Lucia Mendez. She is fighting back and you won't believe what she said about Luismi! 

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Mendez and Miguel reportedly hooked up years ago, which means she was the ultimate cougar! She's 15 years his senior and most likely doesn't give a damn what we think about it. Go her! She recently stood up for her ex to the Spanish press and said, "He's a papacito just like always. He's an amazing singer. Whether he's skinny or fat, he is still Luis Miguel."

Wow! Those are strong words of admiration for an old flame! I have to admit, this proves my theory that Luimi was born with a "za-za-zoo" that just hypnotizes women. From afar, it's hard to tell why they all fall so hard for the gap-toothed hazel-eyed player, but his celebrity and talent just wheel them right in. Mendez just didn't fall for him that hard.

Word is that she was the heartbreaker in the situation, which I totally believe given her age and experience. Luismi was probably transfixed over the veteran beauty! I usually picture women swooning over him so it's nice to know he got a taste of his own medicine at some point. Even with all that, she still manages to defend him from haters now that he's gordito. That's a true woman, indeed.

Check out ten other women Luis Miguel has been known for hooking up with! Can you imagine how many more are really out there?! 

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Kasia Sowinska 1

Kasia Sowinska

Image via Kasia Sowinska/Twitter

The beautiful model has been dating and touring with El Sol for the past two years, but she recently hinted on Instagram that the relationship is over. She's moving back to Los Angeles and "figuring out what's next." Well, she looks fab while doing it! 


Brittny Gastineau 2

Brittny Gastineau

Image via Brittny Gastineau/Instagram

As one of Kim Kardashian's best friends, you know Brittny makes sure to look hot at all times. That's reportedly exactly what ended her quick 2012 fling with Luismi. She was just "too vain" for the singer. Well, she did manage to steal him away from Daisy Fuentes! 


Aracely Arambula 3

Aracely Arambula

Image via Aracely Arambula/Instagram

The mother of two dated Luismi between 2005 and 2009. The courtship ended with the tabloids claiming he cheated. Last summer, Aracely filed for child support and said the Casanova never saw his kids Miguel and Daniel. 

Daisy Fuentes 4

Daisy Fuentes

Image via Daisy Fuentes/Instagram

The Cuban fashion mogul dated Luis Miguel from 1995 to 1998. They had a brief re-coupling a few years back, but the romance didn't last very long. It was a bitter split and it seems like she isn't looking back this time. 


Lucila Polak 5

Lucila Polak

Image via Getty Images

Back in 2012, LuisMi and Lucia were spotted getting very cozy in the back seat of his car. She previously dated Al Pacino and there were rumors that the famous singer was responsible for breaking the relationship. Isn't she beautiful?! 


Genoveva Casanova 6

Genoveva Casanova

Image via Getty Images

Luis Miguel and the Latina socialite reportedly got together around the same time he was still with the mother of his children Aracely. Shady, but I can see why he fell for her! Has he ever been faithful, I wonder? 


Adela Noriega 7

Adela Noriega

Image via Mezcalent

The telenovela star reportedly had the ultimate crush on Luis Miguel in the 80's. She would often times try to get past his security guards and managed to stay overnight with him on a couple of occasions. 

Kate Del Castillo 8

Kate Del Castillo

Image via Mezcalent

Rumor has it that Kate and Luis had a brief love connection shortly after the telenovela star split from her ex Aaron Diaz in 2011. Well, I bet he's perfect as a rebound! 


Mariah Carey 9

Mariah Carey

Image via Mariah Carey/Instagram

Mimi dated LuisMi back in 2001. Word is that the demise of the relationship led to her now-famous nervous breakdown just a short time after. I kind of believe it!

Myrka Dellanos 10

Myrka Dellanos

Image via Myrka Dellanos

Back in 2003, Miguel and the famous journalist hit things off, but the relationship didn't last very long. Props to her for knowing it wasn't going to last!