Meet Sonia Morales, the Latina Kim Kardashian

Sonia MoralesIf you aren't hip on the whole Nollywood (Nigerian Hollywood) scene, you may not know who Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna most commonly referred to simply as Ik Ogbonna is. Well, amigas, he is a model-actor hybrid who has fallen in love with Colombian super-hottie Sonia Morales. Their love story is an internet fairy tale that I'll tell you about in a bit, but first I have to share with you that Sonia Morales has  become Nigeria's version of  Kim Kardashian. When you catch a glimpse of her pompis you'll understand why. Are you ready? You might want to step back from the computer a bit because this is a whole lot of trasero to take in.


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You see what I'm talkin' about? Ik Ogbonna loves that woman and her backside. His Instagram account is full of odes to her. Oh, and speaking of Instagram, that's how this couple met! He was going through a nasty breakup and turned to Instagram for comfort. That's where he found pictures of Sonia Morales and he liked them. She started liking his pictures too. They started a back and forth kind of communication and next thing you know, she goes to Nigeria so they can like each other in person.

Well, they do like each other very much because Sonia is still in Nigeria and thanks to Ik Ogbonna and his outspoken admiration of the Colombian beauty, she has become quite the celebrity.

I can't say that I know much about Sonia Morales other than what Ik Ogbonna has put out there and in a way that makes me even more curious about her. I tried to check out her Instagram account since that's the way that Ogbonna fell in love with her charms, but it's private so all I can see is her profile picture. That's certainly one way she's different than Kim Kardashian because you know Kim's social media profiles are NOT private in the least.

Image via okogbonna/Instagram

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