Jennifer Lopez & Ryan Guzman get down & dirty

jlo and ryanWow! Jennifer Lopez is donning a new younger man as arm candy! The Boricua icon is gracing Latina's February 2015 issue with The Boy Next Door co-star, Ryan Guzman. These two sure know how to give good face! In the Love and Sex issue, J.Lo chats about the Mexican actor's sex appeal and what it was like having a steamy on-screen affair. Their chemistry seems to be on-point judging from these photos!


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Lopez seems to be tapping into her inner empress in some of these shots. In the cover story, she talks about how people expect moms to lose their sexiness. She says:

There's this funny notion in America that you can't be a mom and be sexy. It's the craziest thing I've ever heard. The truth is women can be sexy until the day that they die.

She's taking her sexiness to the grave and I love that about her. We should all be inspired to do the same. Lopez also revealed the one thing that took her a long time to learn:

You have to hold yourself to a high standard and go, "I deserve the best in every area of m y life." And that took me a long time to learn ... I think people look at me and go, "Oh, she's been successful since her late 20's, early 30's." But, the truth is that it took me a long time to get there and figure out a lot of other stuff about myself.

Jennifer does seem stronger and wiser than ever. There's an inner peace that she exudes. Her life still seems to imitate art in a way since she's playing a woman who has an affair with a much younger man. What was it like for Ryan to shoot those steamy scenes? He reveals:

That was the time in the film I was the most uncomfortable. We had to choreograph every piece ... it was the most unsexy-really sexy scene that you'll see on-screen.

Filming a sex scene with J.Lo must be pretty intimidating, but I'm still pretty sure he enjoyed every minute! He can officially call himself a "man" now. 


Images via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

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