Elizabeth guriterrez and william levyForget gluten-free diets and kabbalah: Consciously uncoupling was the thing to do in Hollywood this year. I swear, I haven't been able to go online or open a magazine without reading something about yet another celebrity couple break up. Though some of these splits were a long time coming, others just took us all by surprise. Then there are those few that just keep coming back from the dead, like zombies. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Selena and Justin!

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To say the least, this hasn't been the best year for lovers. Just ask these twenty celebs. They experienced the biggest and most public breakups of 2014. Here's hoping 2015 has better things in store for them.  

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Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart 1

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart

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Another one of Jennifer Lopez’s relationships bit the dust this year. The Bronx-born Boricua and her boy toy Casper Smart called it quits in June. Ah, pues. She’ll be alright. After all, she always manages to land on her feet. As for Casper, he’s doing fine. It appears he’s following in his ex’s footsteps. The 27-year-old former boytoy landed a starring role in small budget film called Street.


Elizabeth Gutierrez & William Levy 2

Elizabeth Gutierrez & William Levy

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William Levy and Elizabeth have finally called it quits. A source close to the Cuban actor revealed the break-up news to People en Español earlier this month. And despite the couple’s history of breaking up to make up, it appears this may really be the end of the road for these two. Less than a week after the source spilled the frijoles, William was spotted holding hands with his rumored mistress and costar, Ximena Navarrete. Ugh! Whatever, he’s her problem now.


Naya Rivera & Big Sean 3

Naya Rivera & Big Sean

Naya Rivera and rapper Big Sean had one of the messiest breakups of 2014. The rapper announced in April he was breaking up with the Glee star because she was apparently too jealous. He then proceeded to write a diss track about his former fiancé. It was ugly. Meanwhile, Naya accused the lyricist of being a lowdown dirty thief. Anyway, all’s well that ends well ... I guess. Naya has since moved on, marrying actor Ryan Dorsey. As for Big Sean, he’s currently in a relationship with Ariana Grande. Hey, good luck to them all.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon 4

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

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It turns out these two DO NOT belong together. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon went their separate ways this summer, after six years of marriage. Though these two are no longer committed to one another, they remain committed to their 3-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe. A source close to the couple reveals Mariah and Nick have decided they “want to spend Christmas and other holidays together, as well as birthdays, to ensure the kids aren't affected by their split.” Aw, that’s actually quite nice.


Sofia Vergara & Nick Loeb 5

Sofia Vergara & Nick Loeb

Sofia Vergara beat the rumor mill to the punch, announcing her split from fiancé Nick Loeb on WhoSay back in May, citing hectic schedules as the cause of their relationship’s demise. "We have been having too many problems with having to figure out how to spend time together and because of my work and now his, it's been getting worse and worse, not fun anymore,” she wrote. Well, she’s having fun now. The gorgeous Colombiana started dating True Blood’s Joe Manganiello soon after she and Loeb split up.


Jencarlos Canela & Gaby Espino 6

Jencarlos Canela & Gaby Espino

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Gaby Espino took to Twitter this August to announce that she and Jencarlos Canela had split “a while ago,” whatever that means. At the time, rumors had been flying around about Gaby getting cozy with her Santa Diabla costar, Aarón Díaz. And lets not forget about how she totally failed to give Canela a shout out during her acceptance speech at Premios Tu Mundo. Yeah, we totally should have seen this coming.


Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber 7

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

These two have broken up and gotten back together so many times this year, I couldn't even tell you what their relationship status is at this very moment in time. Maybe they're together. Maybe not. Maybe they'll make up in an hour and break up tomorrow. Who knows? All I  know is these two are addicted to one another. Pues, the heart wants what it wants, right?

Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith 8

Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith

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I’m not going to lie, my heart broke when I found out Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith were calling it quits after 18 years of marriage. Banderas and Griffith announced on June 6 they were separating, telling Us Weekly in a joint statement: "We have thoughtfully and consensually decided to finalize our almost 20-year marriage in a loving and friendly manner honoring and respecting each other, our family, and friends and the beautiful time we have spent together."


Adriana Lima & Marko Jaric 9

Adriana Lima & Marko Jaric

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Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima and former NBA player Marcko Jaric split up this May. “After long and careful consideration, we have decided to separate after five years of marriage," the couple shared in a statement to Us Weekly. "We are grateful to be the parents of two incredible young daughters [Valentina, 4, and Sienna, 2] that we will continue to co-parent. We would greatly appreciate your respect for our family's privacy as we begin this delicate next chapter for all members of our family."

Juan Pablo Galavis & Nikki Ferrell 10

Juan Pablo Galavis & Nikki Ferrell

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They said it wouldn’t last, and whoever “they” are were right. The first Latino Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell called it quits this fall, after "falling in love" during the 18th season of hit ABC reality competition. Yeah, I’d be lying if said I didn’t see this coming. I mean, the man didn’t even feel comfortable telling his so-called fiancé he loved her. Um, hello! Talk about a red flag. Anyway, I’m glad Nikki finally moved on. She deserves better.