Rosie Rivera asks Lupillo Rivera for forgiveness

rosie rivera and lupilloThe Rivera family is finally trying to make peace--sort of. Rosie Rivera recently went public about wanting to reconcile with her brother Lupillo Rivera. The siblings have been estranged since the tragic passing of their sister Jenni Rivera in 2012. Between arguments about money, family differences and how Jenni's memory should be preserved, Lupillo and Rosie's relationship has grown distant. "I absolutely don't care to talk to them, I don't care at all," Lupillo told El Gordo y La Flaca last year. I would think there's always hope for family to reunite, but it's going to take more than a public announcement to make things work.  


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This is exactly why the Rivera family always has family drama--they air everything out to the media. Earlier this year, Lupillo revealed he was pissed that Rosie used one of Jenni's old dresses in Chiquis Rivera's "Paloma Blanca" video. "I wouldn't have done that. I would have worn a similar style dress, but not the same exact one. That's an ugly move," he said. I totally agree with Lupillo in this situation.

Between Rosie and Chiquis, it sometimes does seem like they try too hard to honor Jenni by trying to resemble her sense of style and makeup to a creepy level. You almost feel like its Jenni reincarnated and that makes many fans feel uncomfortable, including me. At the same time, I don't think running to the media about his feeling is right either. This is how hurt feelings start to snowball into a huge dilemma.

Rosie recently revealed to TV y Novelas that she wants it all to end:

We all have our different options. We have never fought over money or over who is more famous. We have all been mourning and we all have our own ways of dealing with things, but we will heal with time.

Rosie admits that she stays in touch with her brother and they exchange texts, but "the relationship isn't as before."

She goes on to say:

Maybe one day we can ask each other for forgiveness. Lupillo was like a second father to me. He always gave me advice about men. Now I wish he could give me advice about my marriage.

That's deep! They can really honor Jenni's spirit by finally being genuine with each other and leaving all of the drama behind. 

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