luis miguelThere is no celeb Casanova bigger than Luis Miguel, but it seems like El Sol's spark with women is starting to dim. Luismi is being accused of making his former flames gain weight. Sometimes good love makes you grow a little pancita and I find nothing wrong with that! What I do find an issue with is this chisme dissing his famous exes Daisy Fuentes, Mariah Carey and Aracely Arambula, with whom he has two kids with. Have they taken a look at these women? Better yet, have they taken a look at Luismi lately?

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Mexican publication Pulimetro published the following:

Luis Miguel has one of the best voices in the world and now El Sol is also known for hooking up with beautiful women. They have flawless figures up until he ends the relationship and then all of them gain weight and then they get their figures back.

This is totally absurd! The 44-year-old singer has had the fortune to date beautiful and talented women in the industry, but his exes are nowhere near being chubby and never have been. People lose and gain weight all of the time. I wouldn't give Luismi so much credit--especially when he has been spotted rocking a little gut lately.

I think people should be more concerned with the fact that he reportedly owes Aracely child support. Instead of checking on his exes' waistlines they should be more asking about what kind of example he's setting as a father.

Here are recent photos of Luis Miguel's exes. They definitely still look in great shape! 

Image via Luis Miguel/Twitter

Daisy Fuentes 1

Daisy Fuentes

Image via Daisy Fuentes/Instagram

The Cuban fashion mogul dated Luis Miguel from 1995 to 1998. They had a brief re-coupling a few years back, but the romance didn't last very long. Fuentes doesn't look like she's stressing him one bit! 


Mariah Carey 2

Mariah Carey

Image via Mariah Carey/Instagram

Mimi has been looking fierce since splitting with her husband, Nick Cannon. She's also had twins and still maintains a curvy and fit figure. 


Aracely Arambula 3

Aracely Arambula

Image via Aracely Arambula/Instagram

The mother of two looks flawless! Here's a shot of her enjoying the sun in a bikini. I'm sure Luismi regrets letting her go. 

Myrka Dellanos 4

Myrka Dellanos

Image via Myrka Dellanos

Back in 2003, Miguel and the famous journalist hit things off, but the relationship didn't last very long. She still looks amazing! 


Brittny Gastineau 5

Brittny Gastineau

Image via Brittny Gastineau

As one of Kim Kardashian's best friends, you know Brittny makes sure to look hot at all times. This is a typical night out for her. Eat your heart out, Luis!