Is Jennifer Lopez to blame for William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez's split?

william levy and jennifer lopezRumors that Jennifer Lopez and William Levy are one another's hot rebounds are starting to make their rounds. That's a whole lot of hotness to handle! Let's take a breather ... ok. Word is that the Cuban actor has been secretly dating the "Booty" singer and their sudden romance caused the final split between Levy and his longtime partner, Elizabeth Gutiérrez. Remember, Levy was J.Lo's hot video model for her song, "I'm Into You." They were rolling on the sand and giving each other the lust look one sexy scene at a time. There could be some truth to this after all.


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According to Univision, J.Lo and William Levy spent Halloween together and since then, a "serious romance" has sparked between them, but they aren't ready to come out public about it just yet. Jennifer and William no longer have strings attached so they won't be breaking any hearts.

Actually, Levy lovers like me will be feeling a kick in the heart, but it definitely won't be worse than what Elizabeth is probably feeling. She was committed to William for over ten years and has two beautiful kids with him. I'm sure it can't be easy to let a love like that go.  

Now, we all know J.Lo has the potential to sneak into the picture. Remember, she and now ex-husband Marc Anthony got married just days after his divorce from Dayanara Torres. After Bennifer was over, she quickly jumped into Marc's arms--and admitted it when she was promoting her new book, True Love. The thing is, I truly believe J.Lo is trying to take some time for herself. She has been in and out of relationships since she was a teen.

After her split from Casper Smart, I don't see her rushing into a new relationship, but at the same time old habits die hard. She split from her beau back in the spring, so in J.Lo time it must feel like she has been without a man for years! Levy is a hot catch, but I sense a crash and burn coming. We'll  be keeping a close eye on these two. 

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