Elizabeth Gutierrez speaks out after William Levy split, has "no regrets"

elizabeth gutierrezWe can all say this was a long time coming. Over the weekend, it was announced through a source that William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez officially split. An insider very close to the Cuban actor revealed the break-up news to People en Español--and I wish I could say I'm shocked. Actually, a huge part of me is relieved that Gutiérrez broke the on again and off again pattern. If I were her, I would also be crying that William is no longer my man. I know love is blind and it could be even more blinding when you're dating someone as hot as Levy, but at some point love just isn't enough. 


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Although the former couple has remained quiet about the split, we all know that rumors of Levy's alleged cheating have been going on years. From Maite Perroni to Ximena Navarrete, there was always a new headline about William's unfaithful ways. There was plenty of denying until a picture of Navarrete and Levy surfaced the web. Despite all of that, Elizabeth still took William back.

They were reportedly trying to work on their relationship and Levy bought her a new ring to try to patch things up. After a while, there is no repairing a relationship that has been this broken and dragged through the mud. I know they have two beautiful kids together named Christopher and Kailey, but staying in a relationship for the sake of the kids is never a way to go--especially if the mom is unhappy.

After the news was confirmed, Gutiérrez posted on Twitter, "Never have any regrets especially when you did it for love." I truly believe that she was 100 percent invested in making things work with Levy. She was even publically humiliated after a while. Knowing your long-term partner is probably running around with different women has to be painful, but she held on for so long.

I know William Levy is hot, but so is she! There are more fish in the sea and hopefully Elizabeth will find a man that will treat her like she deserves. That is, if she doesn't fall into old habits and gets back with him! You just never know with these two.

Image via Elizabeth Gutiérrez/Twitter

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