Pregnant women shake their bumps in hilarious holiday commercial

kmart commercial pregnant womenGetting in the Christmas spirit will be easy thanks to these five super pregnant women. They star in the new hilarious Kmart holiday commercial for Joe Boxer pajamas--and make sure to pop their bellies in style. The hilarious ad features the five women shaking their bumps and twerking to the infamous Christmas jingle, "Santa Baby." The video premiered two days ago and already has nearly 400,000 views on YouTube! I mean, if witnessing pregnant women busting moves to holiday music doesn't get you to laugh I don't know what will!  


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This is probably the cutest holiday commercial I've seen in a long time! Reportedly, all five women were in their final trimesters when they shot the hilarious video last month. By Christmas, most of the women are expected to give birth. Those are some fresh buns in the oven! Two additional women were hired for the gig just in case the five shown on set gave birth before filming. They really thought about everything!

Chief marketing officer for Kmart Apparel, Diane Vaccaro, explained that the company was looking for a funny new twist to their male "Jiggle Bells" boxer ad. The ad featuring men shaking their "bells" made over 18 million clicks on YouTube and I have no doubt this one will follow suit.  

Most of the time, you don't spot pregnant women in commercials unless it's strictly a baby or parenting related brand--so the brand really won as far as thinking outside of the box and remembering that pregnant women freaking rule. What's so humorous about the video is that you don't figure out the women are pregnant right away. You spot their silhouettes from the back before they turn to the side and make their big reveal.  

I can't wait for the babies to be old enough to watch their moms shaking what their mamas gave them for a national commercial. Now that's something to be proud of. 

Image via YouTube

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